Toy Time

I know, I know. The blogging has slowed down some. I blame the cast entirely. It comes off on Monday, hopefully. I've grown a very nice crop of hair on my left leg. I'm the type of girl who can never go more than a few days without shaving my legs because hairy legs drive me crazy. Last night, Murray asked if I'd be posting a picture of my leg on the blog after the cast came off, and I said yes. But then I thought about it a little more and told him that there are just some things the world shouldn't be exposed to.

So yesterday I was ambitious and took a trip to Ikea since I had to go to Salt Lake for work anyway. (Another reason I haven't been blogging: I've actually been working this week. That's also the reason that I went 72 hours without bathing. Also the cast is to blame for that.) I used my baby sling that Red gave me because it's much easier to walk in my cast if I'm carrying the baby in a sling. If I try to walk with the car seat, I manage about .5 miles per hour. And then I'm worried that someone will see me struggling and come up to me and offer to carry the car seat for me, and then when I take them up on their offer, they run away with my baby and I can't catch them because I have a cast on. (Oh yes, as a mother, I have become a worrier, and I have replayed this awful scene in my mind several times. But then, in my mind, my body gets a surge of mother's adreneline and I run after the baby snatcher with no care about my own physical foot pain, and then I round-house kick the snatcher in the head with my casted leg, a la Chuck Norris, but with a cast for extra oomph, and then I catch sweet little Gulliver before he falls to the ground.)

At Ikea, I bought a couple items for Gulliver's development. I've really wanted a play mat or something, but Murray and I can be a little bit picky when it comes to stuff like this. So much of children's stuff is just... too busy and too cheesy. So I found this little play gym that I love. And look! Gulliver loves it too! Right now, he has to play with it in his crib, or on the ground upstairs. He can't play with it on the ground downstairs because we have an ant problem. One thing I love about it is that the toys can be switched out. I've been making a few toys for Gulliver, so I can swap in my own creations! Hooray! Another thing I love about it is it was only $25.

My other purchase at Ikea was this mobile. See, the other day, Gulliver got a wee bit of pee on his pants. So instead of throwing them in the wash like a good mother, I hung them on the shelf above his change table so they could dry and be reused. Since when has a little bit of urine hurt anyone? Then, while I was changing Gulliver, I noticed he was looking at the pants above his head. So I hit them so that they'd start swinging, and he smiled and kicked his feet. And then I realized that I was a REALLY terrible mother, because what kind of mother uses a soiled pair of pants as a mobile for baby's entertainment and development?? Anyway, Gulliver loves his new mobile. I can tell. And his brain is being way more stimulated.

And here is Murray and Gulliver in a sweater and hat that Ootsie knit for him.

But Ootsie didn't knit a hat for El Senor. He has to borrow Gulliver's.

And here is a picture of Gulliver's cousin, Darth Bean, stolen from his family's blog. Because it's just that funny. (When Murray saw this helmet, he said that it was always his dream to have a real Darth Vader helmet, but he never had one. So finally, he had his chance to put it on and... his head was too big. Murray must have missed his window of opportunity sometime in his teenage years.)
(Note: He is also wearing cowboy boots. He assembled this outfit without supervision.)


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

You know, I am pretty sure that the helmet I tried on mas modeled from the actual helmet, which means I have a considerably bigger head than Darth Vader. Well at least mine isn't all corroded like his, and I can breathe on my own.....and I am not evil.

April said...

Apparently "naked Darth Vader" is a popular pose. I knew that picture looked familiar. Here it is on my friend's blog:

Scroll down to the second to last picture. Please excuse my inability to embed a link in the text.

AzĂșcar said...

So fun to see you tonight.

Re: the ant problem. This little product made our ant problem go away forever (and it's non-toxic.) We used the liquid kind. Amazing. We also had to order it online since none of our local stores carried it.

Cafe Johnsonia said...

First I wanna say how much I adored seeing that little guy in person finally.

And I'm laughing about that last photo b/c I have one of my son going commando with only Lightning McQueen rain boots on.

Petit Elefant said...

That shot is priceless! I love the strategic placing of the costume.

Roxie said...

My mission president's daughter broke her leg and the doctor was out of the country when the time arrived for the cast to be removed. She couldn't wait any longer, so my mission president got a bucket of water and they soaked her leg with the cast in it and then he cut it off with a knife.

I don't think I'll ever forget him sitting there and commenting as he's taking it off, "hmmm, looks like leg hair only grows so long."

It was very mission presidential of him.