Producing the Heir

So Murray and I went for the ultrasound this morning. Poor Murray didn't get a minute of sleep last night; he said that it was just like Christmas as a kid. There was no way that he could fall asleep with something so huge on the horizon. I woke up well before my alarm and was wide awake at that point, too.

Before we left, I drank a bunch of juice so that baby would move around during the ultrasound.

Our ultrasound tech was... a little brusque and a little lacking in personality and... a little bit low-class, I must say. So she started looking at my innards and we found out that our baby's heart, brain, kidneys, bladder, etc. are looking good. And then she asked if we wanted to know the sex and we said yes. She looked around a little and said, "Well. It's got outdoor plumbing." I was pretty sure that was a euphemism for penis, but I asked, "So it's a boy?" just to be sure, and she said, "Well, girls don't have that." It cracks me up that the ultrasound pictures are labeled "face," "feet," and "boy." But the "boy" label is pointing at the penis. Well, there's another euphemism!

When we got up to leave, she congratulated us and told Murray that now he can buy hisself a shotgun and claim that it's for the baby. Or he can buy a 4-wheeler and claim that it's for the baby. And knowing Murray, I'm sure that's the first thing he'll do.

Anyway, we're very excited. Murray is the first boy in his family to have a son, so this is the heir. If Murray were a king, we'd be pretty much set right now.

We had a great name picked out for a girl, but nothing but a few ideas for a boy. So now we've got to get to work. Here is my list so far of potentials:


Of course, if any of those seems too... ordinary, I can always figure out an alternative spelling. See my sample treatments of Braden:


That's the great thing about today's world. The naming possibilities are endless.


Rachel said...

I think any of those are super-classy!

Gretchen said...

I don't know about Xavier. It just doesn't seem to have the same "ring" to it that the others do... ;)

Kiersten said...

How about going with Br8'n? That way he won't really even need to learn how to read at all, and as a bonus, the classic Utah pronunciation will already be built in, so you won't have to worry about anyone accidentally pronouncing all of the letters in his name.

Claire said...

Don't forget Aiden! Congrats on producing the heir!

AzĂșcar said...

Hmm, those all seem sort of plain. What do you think about adding a "Mc" to the front of them? McQuaiden? Ahh, yes, much better.

In all seriousness--hooray! Boys are the best.

Jon Boy said...

Congratulations! That list of names was the best thing I read all day. I like how you snuck Xavier in there, too.

C. said...

You could also add a "Le" to the beginning so he'll fit into Utah a little better... you know, LeCaden, LeVaden. It could work.

Nerd Goddess said...

Awesome, congrats! :)

Also, I have to agree with the previous commenters on the pre-fix. The "Mc" will just make it all the more classy.

Jordan said...

You beat me to Saden. Of course, that might give the child bad ideas of behavioral expectations... Congrats!

Sarah said...

Yeah! A boy! I do think it's hard to find cool boy clothes, but you guys have good taste!

A penis? Wow. I'm so use to little girls, I can't imagine changing a diaper and seeing a penis. I am so use to the vagina. I really just wanted to scare people and use the words penis and vagina a lot in this comment. Congrats!

Ellen said...

congrats! we loved having a boy first!

jeri said...

Personally I think you should experiment with the current trend of rAndOm caPITalIzaTIons in your baby name.


Seriously, congratulations, boys rock!

Bethany said...

Yeah! A boy! As far as names, maybe a "Mc" thrown in front might add that certain "je ne sais quoi" you're looking for. McDaegun?

Kristeee said...

Congrats! Have you already figured out how you're going to decorate? I had thought I was having a boy, so when they said "girl" I totally had to rethink things. :)

I love the names - but you should take a look at the Utah Baby Namer website for even more great names. Like Leparno or LuWayne or Tanager. It's worth an hour or so of searching and laughing.

Rynell said...


Boys are fun. Mine are an endless supply of excitement.

Good luck with the naming bit. We're still trying to find a girl name.

Natalie said...

Yay! Our first two kids are boys, and it is so much fun!

You seem to be on the right track in the name department. Remember, it is your responsibility as a parent in Utah to try and find a name that has never been used before (unless it was used in the Book of Mormon - maybe you need to look further there).

On a side note, I saw someone using your planner today! I thought the stranger would think I was weird if I went up and started thumbing through, and then told her that it was designed by someone I met once, so I just watched in silence. But, It was fab.

The Holyoaks said...

Hail to the penis, I mean heir!

daltongirl said...

I'm sticking with Earl. What kid with a shotgun and four-wheeler doesn't expect to be called Earl?

Allison said...

Well, I swear to you on my life that I have a nephew named Xavier and there is a kid in P's class named Braxton {actually there are 3 of those} but this one is named Braxton Hicks. And there's a Parris.
Oh, the humanity!

Jordy said...

Oh man, that has to be one of the most funny things I've seen on here.

KJ said...

boy oh boy. I know where you live just by looking at the list of names. Although I totally dig Xavier. Have you considered apostrophes in any of those name-ens?