Message in a Bottle. Or a Blog Post.

I rely on Murray to get me through my day. An email here, a thought there. But yesterday and today he has had no access to email. So when he got home yestereday, he found 12 messages in his inbox. They were just random things. A request to send me his Southwest ticket confirmation so I can check us in online tomorrow morning. A link to an artist who I think he'd like. The fact that I didn't see any car accident deaths on so I figured the fact that he was not responding to my emails was not, in fact, due to death. (There are many ways to die, I guess, but car accident seemed the most likely.)

Today, since I know he can't get emails, but can somehow read my blog, I dedicate this post to him.

First: A picture of my Virgin Mary bracelet that I bought in Puerto Nuevo. Honestly, I really liked the colors. But then the fact that it was the Virgin Mary made me laugh. So I bought it.

Now, on to notes to Murray:

1. I love you.

2. I have been very indecisive about what to make for your parents for dessert tonight. After consulting three people and several websites, I've decided to make molten chocolate cakes with ice cream. I know this is silly because your parents won't care what I make for dessert but I think you've given me a reputation to live up to. I really hope those lava cakes turn out...

3. Yes, I am aware that it's likely your mother will read this post before dinner tonight, and in her head she'll think that of course I don't have to make anything special for dessert. She's sweet that way. Of course, she's made me Sunday dinner almost every week for the past two months, so it's really about time I give a little back.

4. I bought you a really nice pan because I'm really picky about my cookware and because there are several dishes that I make (including tonight's dinner) that require this pan.

5. I bought you a set of five melamine bowls. El Senor is currently on Google Talk trying to take ownership of them. I've always wanted melamine bowls but he already had a ceramic bowl set and a metal bowl set---both very expensive. Why he would want your melamine bowl set is beyond me. But he says he wants them because "they're nice."

6. I'm excited to see you and your folks tonight, but I have to do laundry, so today's outfit is entirely composed of items that I haven't worn in months. Yikes!


Suzie1 said...

Woohoo! First comment!

You look totally cute today!

Make me a molten chocolate cake, too!

Natalie said...

I love your bracelet. Also, I had to comment, because it said "1 people love me," and we couldn't have that, now could we!

Hope dinner went well.

Murray Terreno di Amore said...

I have to say that dinner was perfect. My folks were thoroughly impressed as usual with Cicada's many abilities and personalities.

As far as this blog helped ME get through today because not having email during a don't know what you've got till it's gone.

That being said....Cicada, please don't leave me so I appreciate you more.....I appreciate you plenty......and I love you too.

Murray Terreno di Amore said...

I see that I just wrote something about your "personalities" I of course wrote this by mistake, but then again.....I do appreciate you with "every being of my soul" so I'll leave it.

Cicada said...

Yeah, I noticed you mentioning my "personalities." It's like you let my biggest secret slip to the internet.