Canadian Beach Experience

I received this picture today from my aunt and uncle. The picture features family friends from the Toronto area with my grandpa, who recently moved into their inlaw suite. It portrays the true Canadian beach experience. Please note:

1) Everyone is fully clothed, including the one person in the background.

2) There is only ONE other guy in the background. Why is the beach not crowded?

3) My grandpa is wearing a hat, a jacket, pants, socks, and a blanket.

Maybe next year, instead of going to San Diego or Ocean City, I should take a trip up to Canada and go to Sauble Beach.


Natalie said...

I think I would like the Canadian beach experience... I could be on the beach, but wouldn't be expected to wear a swimsuit! No sand in the unmentionable places! Sign me up!

But don't expect me to eat my french fries with gravy.

Cicada said...

Gravy and cheese curds, Natalie. Don't deny how good it is.

daltongirl said...

Mmm. Those french fries sound yummy. Why have you never mentioned them to me before?

I recommend a Canadian beach honeymoon. What could be more romantic than to snuggle up on a private beach? Also, I bet they don't have howler monkeys there, which is a plus in my book.