What I love about Southwest: Being able to choose your own seat. (And direct flights from Salt Lake to Baltimore.)

What I don't love about Southwest: Having to get up early 24 hours before your flight to make sure you print off A-group boarding passes.

This morning, I made it to my office by 7:10, 24 hours before our flight to Baltimore. I was talking with my mom on the phone as I booted up my computer and pulled up ticket confirmations for Murray, The Boy, El Senor, and me. Of course, it was still slightly before 7:10, so I had to wait till exactly 7:10 to press the check-in button on each individual screen. As soon as it was 7:10, I pressed those buttons!

Then my mom asked me which boarding passes I got---apparently they number them in the order they are claimed. I looked at my printouts and saw my numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4!

What I love about Southwest: Knowing exactly how bad you beat out everyone else for the good tickets.

(Of course, if we didn't get A passes, there was always Plan B. Seriously. Read this. You won't be disappointed.)


AzĂșcar said...

I was going to get all snarky and brag about pre-board until I read the Holyoak's story. Wow, who knew you could just invite yourself to pre-boarding? I'm having trouble processing that adventure.

Rachel said...

So, is that

"One-two-three-four. Get your @$$ on the floor."


"One-two-three-four come on baby say you love me five-six-seven times"?

nicole hill said...

random that i found your blog while trying to look up the address of maestros! good seeing you and murray at TCG last sat night.

have fun at home!

The yelloest dello said...

Hey! (this is lola) That is so awesome that you got those seats! It reminds me of the time I flew next to the other unacompanied minor, to oregon, of course that was on Delta. . . . .