Happy Birthday, Jennifer Davies

In honor of Jennifer Davies's birthday yesterday, I would like to do something I never, ever do. That is, post a list of real names to the internet. These are real people, like Jennifer Davies, who I've known over the years and who I've gotten out of touch with.

This weekend, I thought of Jennifer Davies because I saw a movie with John Candy, and I always think of Jennifer Davies when I see John Candy because I found out that John Candy died when I stayed the night at her house once. Then I thought about her again yesterday because it was her birthday. Funny that you can remember some birthdays even though you've completely lost touch with a person.

I must add that I feel ready to be in touch with Jennifer Davies again. I didn't feel ready last year, when I was still in college and she was probably graduated and working. She and I got to be friends in third grade and stopped being friends somewhere around ninth grade, I think. Not that we ever really stopped being friends, but we stopped spending time together. We were always singled out for our good writing. I think that landing a job as an editor makes me respectable enough, and before announcing to the internet that I'd like to get back in touch with her, I checked amazon.com to make sure that she hasn't written any books (she hasn't---unless she wrote Tales Old Gypsies (Country Tales), which I highly doubt; if anything, she would have written "Tales of Old Intergalactic Space Gypsies"). So that means that we should be pretty much equal, I hope. Jennifer Davies, wherever you are, and even if you are sitting on the unpublished manuscript "Tales of Old Intergalactic Space Gypsies," I'd love to get back in touch.

Now on to the rest of you:

Benjamin Packer, an old IS coworker, to whom I always said "I need to maintain a professional working relationship with you" but never did.

Krystie/Krystal Cobel, an old IS coworker, who I may have called a slut in jest one too many times, and whose ward member claimed, "She had a tomb-raider body."

Ashley Wright, my first ever best friend, whom I met one day when I was playing at a neighbor's home without permission.

Secily Saunders, the prudiest freshman friend I ever had, who once accidentally exclaimed, "I'm trying to avoid the pee-ness" when expressing her need to use the bathroom immediately.

Justin Giallonardo, whose Amazon wish list I thought I found until I realized that he never would have requested any of the items that were on the list I found.


stupidramblings said...

I can't believe Jennifer hasn't commented yet.

Rachel said...

I still remember some of my old friends' birthdays too. I wish I didn't.

AzĂșcar said...

I was thinking that with all the mentions of her name, your blog will surely come up the next time she googles herself (I'm sure that was your nefarious intention all along.)

Melyngoch said...

I went to high school with Secily Saunders.

punk rock girl said...

my bridal shower policy is that you pretty much have to be my best friend with the necklace to prove it to get me to show up to any bridal shower. that being said i have only gone to three showers. its the best policy ever.

Secily said...

Wow. People who went to high school with me. That's awesome. I'm probably 180 degrees from anything you remember about me. That was awesome what I said though. Ha. Is this Tammy??

Cicada said...


Although I recklessly posted your name on my blog, I don't use my own. No, I'm not Tammy, but geez.... can't you recognize me from my cartoon image of myself? Look around my blog and you'll see pictures of me and figure out who I am pretty quickly. Also, I'd love you to email me at [myfirstname].[mylastname]@gmail.com. That is if you remember my last name...

If you're still in the area, we should get together and catch up.

Secily said...

Oh so reckless. I emailed who I thought it was. What do I get if I win and it's really....you? I'm hoping for a cruise. That would be a really nice gesture.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I am also trying to get in touch with my former best friend, Jennifer Davies, and I googled her to try to find her information (I was considering hiring a P.I. to let her know that it would be nice to hear from her).

What is it about Jennifer Davies that makes her so reluctant to respond to people who would love to hear from her?

I can't help but reiterate what 'stupidramblings' and 'azucar' said: "I can't believe Jennifer hasn't commented yet" and "I was thinking that with all the mentions of her name, your blog will surely come up the next time she googles herself"

Jennifer, can't you know, our only wish is to hear from you? Is that really so difficult?
Your former best friend,

Jen Davies, MA, CDP said...

I guess I need to Google my name more often - there are just so darn many Jennifer Davies! I am the one in question! No, I haven't published any books, though I hope to in the not-so-distant future.