Self-Control, No. Repentance, Yes.

[I bring you a break in telling you my friends' stories to tell you about my repentance today.]

Today was like any other Saturday except that I as soon as I woke up, I remembered that today I wanted to go and buy a sweater. Not just any sweater, but the same sweater a friend of mine had been wearing last night because it was so cute. I didn't shower because I have no clean underwear. I also want to do laundry today, but that priority came after buying the cute sweater.

So I took the Trax to Nordstrom and I bought the sweater. And it is so cute.

And when I was in Nordstrom, I saw these shoes that my boss was telling me about yesterday. They are Nike shoes that have a space for a pedometer that hooks onto your iPod nano. It tracks your running and your speed and distance and everything. You upload your info onto your computer and then the Nike site tracks all of your running stats in really beautiful bar graphs and stuff. The shoes were $159. I looked at them, looked at the iPod pedometer thingy (really, it only costs $30!) and thought, "Yeah, that would be cool," as I walked away.

But then I was already downtown Salt Lake and I was already enjoying the fact that I live in a big city, so I decided that I should walk over to the Gateway and go to Barnes&Noble and pick up a book to read while I do laundry. Only then I picked up three books because I am a working woman now and I am single and I can spend all my money on myself.

But then I was sortof sucked into the Mac Store because, you know, it's right there.

And again, I was drawn to the little pedometer that conveniently hooks into your iPod. Only, you know, I don't have an iPod (I never got that free one...). But I exercised restraint.

But then I walked down to see the other stores at Gateway because, you know, I was there and everything. And then I just happened to walk into Dick's sporting goods. And I just happened to walk over to where they sell the Nike shoes. And they just happened to have a gorgeous pair for only $109. And then they just happened to fall onto the cash register and before I knew it, I already swiped my credit card. I mean, really---only $109! It's a steal!

So then I had to go back to the Mac Store and then the guy in the Mac Store showed me the colorful graphs that track your running progress and it was beyond cool, people. And I just happen to be training for a half marathon, and so I knew that I really needed this, and it wasn't a want, after all.

So then I bought an iPod nano and a pedometer and an arm band for my iPod nano.

And then I took Trax home as I read one of my books, trying not to think about the fact that I'd just spent $500 on impulse buys.

And then I convinced myself that if El Senor would tell me that I made good purchases that I could keep them.

But El Senor wasn't home.

And I'm sorry, but nothing, and especially not my bank account, can justify $500 of impulse purchases.

So I'm going back to the Gateway. And I'm going to return all the cool stuff that I need to train for my half marathon. Because Switchback has run half marathons and marathons and she never had this stuff.

But my birthday is coming up, people.


Master Fob said...

And here I was getting excited to be able to say I know someone who owns an iPod Nano pedometer thingy. Oh well.

Have you returned them yet? If not, can I take El Senor's place as assurer of good purchasing? I mean, c'mon, you saved $50!

The McCulloch Family said...

Ok so there was this one time where Ed worked at a running store and was a distance runner in college. So he knows tons of things about running shoes and he firmly believes you should never spend more than $89 on running shoes.

You should send him an email if you're in the market for new shoes.

Squirrel Boy said...

But now that you've bought all that stuff for yourself, Cicada, I no longer know what to get you for your birthday. Way to ruin it for me.

AzĂșcar said...

I was at the Gateway today and spent too much money too...

it was fun.

Suzie1 said...

Isn't being single FUN?! Try doing that with a HUSBAND! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

I don't think you should take them back. >:}

Cicada said...

Master Fob: I knew that El Senor would approve my purchases. That's why it was really good I made my decision before he came home. I'm glad that I've returned the merchandise before you gave your approval.

Jenny: But in order for the pedometer to work, you have to buy the shoes that have a special compartment in the sole for the pedometer. So I figure $20 over the maximum isn't too bad. Plus, did you click on the link in the sidebar to see how cute the shoes are??

ASB: Don't worry! I returned everything and I want it all back. So now you know what to get me. OR, you could just get me the same thing you did last year, different color.

Azucar: We totally could have seen each other without knowing it! We really do have to meet one of these days.

Suzie1: December 15 is my birthday. You're single, too, so you can guiltlessly spend your money on me!

redras said...

I'm in a fight with Key Bank as I haven't gotten my ipod nano yet either. Grrrrrrr.

Nemesis said...

You did the right thing. Way to have self control and common sense and all of those good things.

daltongirl said...

Oh man, do I feel terrible! That yard "give away" we went to had a whole set of all that stuff just sitting there (brand new, in the box), but since I'm not training for a marathon, I just ignored it. Also the shoes were in your size.


At least I had the foresight to look through the pockets of all the dress pants that were laying there until I found a temple recommend that doesn't expire until 2012. I wonder if they will believe my name is Montegue Phillips?

lola49 said...

gosh, impulse buying has gotten everyone,(exept my mom. . . . ) i would be a huge impulse buyer if and only if i had enough money, i feel blessed! and i am very proud of you!

Th. said...


According to Alice's Law of Compensatory Economics, that $500 is now spent and there is no moral reason not to spend it on whatever crap you want.

I recommend Swedish Fish.

Saule Cogneur said...

I bought the pedometer thingy a few weeks ago (I blogged about it too). You actually don't need special shoes, which is good because Nike running shoes suck unless you pay $150+ for them. You can get a little Velcro case that hooks to your shoe laces for $10, or you can just make a slit in your shoe's tongue. Works like a charm.

The pedometer has to be calibrated however. It's a pain, but still worth the money once you get a standardized stride and pace figured out.

Cate said...

All of that stuff sounds so cool. Remind me of yours? Mine is Sunday. Un autre point: Tu sors avec qui maintenant?

Cicada said...

Si je sortais avec quelqu'un, je te l'aurais dit deja. Je sors uniquement avec mes freres. C'est triste!

My birthday: December 15!