First of Three

Last weekend I had a very special opportunity to spend the evening with three close mission friends. As we were all together, I realized that these three friends had three of my All-Time Favorite Stories. They were stories that they told me on the mission that I have since repeated to others. Because we were all together, and because El Senor was with us, I asked them to please each tell their story to El Senor so that he could hear them straight from the source and so that I could enjoy the wonderful experience of hearing them told first-hand again. Over the next three days, I bring you three excellent stories.

Today's story is from Clat. When she was in junior high, she decided to start running on the treadmill after school. One day, as she was running, her older brother walked past and said, "Run, Tubby! Run!" Clat got off the treadmill and ran to the bathroom to cry. The older brother immediately went to the bathroom door, and said in a very concerned voice, "Whatsamatter, Chrissy? Did someone say something mean to you at school?"


Cicada said...

Aaaaaand apparently no one liked this story. Great. Now I'm REALLY excited to tell the next two.

Desmama said...

I was going to comment, but I didn't dare to (weird, I know). Okay, so I was going to say that I'm glad this friend can look back and laugh at this story because it sounds like one that would still sting to me. Tell the other two.

Saule Cogneur said...

The role of a big brother is sacred. We were pretty much born to torment our younger siblings, unwittingly and not. It's nice to have at least one innate ability.