Happy Halloween!!

It's my most hated time of the year. Please note that I'm writing this blog post in September.

I absolutely despise houses all decked out for Halloween more than a month in advance. And just in case you're wondering Kami, I'm not talking about the tastefully cute Halloween wreath you have on your door. (Heck, you had gingerbread houses all done up when I came into your house, so I know that you're all about the advance-prep for holidays!)

No, I'm talking about the house I saw in Orem this week that had a door completely covered in fake blood, with the words KEEP OUT. Also written in blood.

I'm talking about my neighbors a couple blocks away from me whose Halloween display assaults my eyes every year, especially since it goes up in SEPTEMBER. It consists of spider webs all over their bushes, skull lights along their walk way, a skeleton rising from the earth beside their shrubs, orange halloween lights EVERYWHERE, and (I think it's a new addition this year) a human-sized ghoul hovering beside their door.

I am not trying to be a joy killer. I know that lots of people out there love Halloween more than all other holidays! But are death and blood the kind of decorations that should be outside your house for an ENTIRE MONTH??

I would love to limit Halloween decorations to the night of Halloween, at which point they are completely appropriate and I give you full license to go as overboard as you like.

I will even be generous and allow people a week before Halloween, in case of any parties they need to host that don't fall on the NIGHT of Halloween.

Not in September.

And not for most of the month of October. Please, spare me.


The Holyoaks said...

You really don't want to look at what I just posted on my blog.

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

HAHA! I know exactly which house in my neighborhood you are talking about! so funny! I was just thinking the same thing.

I feel the same way about doing it too early and about nothing scary that involves blood or killing or death. But I'm all about spiders, bats & ghosts.

Love the title: Happy Halloween!!

do I sense a bit of sarcasm?! ;)

Allison said...

In the case that the door blood is real, you'd better alert authorities. And if it is not real (it probably isn't real), that would send a pretty solid message to them to tone it down a bit.

Kiersten said...

Ugh. I feel the same way. The apartment that shares the stairwell with ours just put back up the decorations that they had last year. Vinyl stick on pictures of bloody knives and blood spats and a bloody "Go Away" sign. I'm sure that our guests feel very welcome when they walk up the stairs to our apartments and see that.

Emily said...

My local Harmon's grocery store has dead bodies and life-size creepy people all over the bakery/deli section especially. There are like four of them. Including one on the ground beneath a table with breads and stuff.

I'm not a big fan of life size cardboard cutouts at grocery stores (like a lady reminding you that there's a pharmacy or whatever). They make me feel like I am being watched, and it makes me uncomfortable.

Halloween is way worse, though, because I feel like I'm being watched and I look up and it's a lady whose face has fallen off. Or something life-size that looks like it wants to eat my heart and soul while I wait for the person in front of me to pick apples that I want too.

It makes me uneasy, and I was feeling bad about being a party pooper, but this post makes me feel less bad. I've just been hoping they go this all-out for Christmas. Will they have a live nativity in the bakery/deli during December? I hope so.