Call for Recommendations

I think that it's time for me to start thinking about potty training. More than likely it is still a little ways off, but I'd like to start reading up on what to do. Any book recommendations?

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bedelia said...

Well, I'd say do it earlier than later. We trained the first at around 2 and the second around 3. The first didn't say no everytime we asked him to go potty. It was still fun to obey mom. At 3 they like to test the limits. Not fun. Of course, I've learned that really all the tips and things you think work, you will realize are crap with the next kid so who knows. As to book recommendation, I have no first hand info, but my sis-in-law used the potty train in one day book (sorry don't know the real title) and had success. Her kid is so mellow I think anything would have worked though. My first potty training was a great feeling and it was awesome seeing him accomplish something and was not the horrible experience that some parents make it out to be. It wasn't that bad with the second either. You just can't be wishy washy or they know they are winning. Kids are smarter than we give them credit sometimes.
Good luck.

C. said...

Toilet Training in Less Than a Day. My mom, sister-in-law and cousin have all used it and swear by it. I have also heard that if you wait too long, it's quite the battle. Good luck!

The Holyoaks said...

I agree with C. I modify it to fit my kids but it's a great book.

DP said...

Maybe I misunderstood your plea for help, but this might get you started:

Cicada said...

DP, thank you for understanding my true, subtle meaning and handling it with as little embarrassment to me as possible.

noelle said...

A friend of mine has used this with both her kids and swears by it :

We didn't follow any 'method', just did a countdown until she was diaper free, lots of talk about it beforehand, then on D-day took off the diapers day and night and put her on the toilet frequently. Had a few accidents but not many. I think a lot depends on the child's personality, this worked best for us because she understood the whole concept by then so we just had to go for it. Hardest part was number 2, so when I thought necessary I'd sit in the bathroom with her and read a book while she was on the toilet, so she had time for things to happen.

Good luck!

Me again said...

What worked for my 2nd child was watching favorite movies with her older sister (age 5) while sitting on the toilet (with one of those chairs that fit on the regular toilet seat and makes it kid size).

She was excited because we never let her watch that many movies at once before. And it was exciting to watch them in the bathroom! If she went, she and her sister would both get an M&M. This motivated her sister to tell me when the deed was done.

After a full day or so of this (about 6-7 hours) I let her off because she started getting really bored. But what this accomplished was an understanding of what potty was.
After that day, she knew what the feeling of having to go was. And she really had it down. Wish it was that easy with my first.

To clarify, she was barely 3.

My mom potty trained all 10 of us kids and also many of the kids she babysat. Her method was to read books while we sat on the potty all day and give us a piece of candy when we were successful. I basically just adapted her method.

Now, the real struggle was poop. That took a good year for my daughter to master. It was a gross year that involved lots of laundry.

AzĂșcar said...

You're adorable.