What else I'm trying.

Yesterday my mother pulled everything out of our downstairs storage closet, took down our Christmas tree, and made a huge mess of the entire living area. This got us excited because we assumed that as soon as we made a huge mess of the house, I'd go into labor and deliver the baby.

It didn't work.

So then we organized everything from the storage closet, put away the Christmas tree and put away all our stored items in an organized manner. I volunteered for as much heavy lifting and bending over as I could manage, and we got the main floor looking good again.

It didn't work, either.

And so I ate some pineapple.

It didn't work.

We went to the mall to try and find me some shoes. I walked around a lot and I even walked up and down the escalators instead of just standing and waiting. We went up and downstairs several times. We even got massages in the mall massage chairs, something I never imagined I'd ever do.

It didn't work.

This morning, I slept in. (I needed it! Thanks for calling me at 9:00, Jenny.) It's almost 1:00 and I'm still in my pajamas and my teeth are not brushed and I'm not showered. My fingers are crossed!! This could work out really really well.

The fact is, I know that the baby's just going to come when he comes. Or, you know, when we take him out by force on Friday. But the labor-inducing activities we're trying are mostly for fun. We have no real expectations of success. We've certainly entertained ourselves reading about everything you could possibly think of on the internet. Pretty much all the sites mention a certain activity as the best way to go into labor. I'll give you a hint: It's how people get pregnant in the first place. And while I won't comment on this in a personal way at all, I will mention that we all really had a good laugh this morning when my mom was reading a labor induction site that said that this activity, if tried in the hospital, should be done in private.

Another site my mom read recommended deep meditation where I look into myself deeply and I ask the baby why he is staying inside when he should have come out by now. My baby may tell me that he is scared of the birthing process, or that there is a person who is involved in the birth who he is uncomfortable with. Murray suggested that he might not like our choice of hospital or city.

I think he might be staying in just because all you blog readers are enjoying my daily updates and increased blogging....


daltongirl said...

During our childbirth class, the teacher asked for ideas on what to do DURING labor to speed up the process. She personally vacuumed her floor. Others suggested walking. One guy suggested that certain activity that you allude to. There was a profound silence, while the teacher stared at him, open mouthed.

Teacher: Yes, that would probably work, but it might not be very comfortable for your WIFE.

Guy (disappointed): Oh.

Something for you to consider doing in private at the hospital, once the first waiting is past and you're trying to convince your baby to come out after being in labor for two or three days.

hannah said...

After all that...I can't imagine how that baby is staying in.

I went to the hospital yesterday to see Sarah and looked on the board for your name. I was sad to see it not there.

I am loving these updates, however, and I really love your coat!

Rachie said...

If it were me who was pregnant, I'm pretty sure the baby would be staying in there because I was afraid of the birthing process, not him. :)

I second the compliment on your coat--very cute!

Kiersten said...

I've heard that pedicures and foot massages can send women into labor. I will definitely be trying that approach. Sounds a lot more pleasant than castor oil.

KT said...

I'm sorry, I got nothing. If I knew a good way to send yourself into labor I would not have spent 5 DAYS in labor with my daughter. I'm a still a little bitter...

Jenny said...

I tried for two weeks to induce labor with my daughter.

Maybe your baby wants you to learn to change a diaper before he comes.

Design Gal said...

okay, for real- go to Trio in Salt Lake City and request the pregnancy pizza. Every single person I've known who eats it goes into labor that night. Really. Try it! Oh, and it's delicious!

Anonymous said...

Just visualize the brain development that is going on...


jeri said...

I think he's mad you didn't have him in Disneyland.