Recent Purchases

Forgive me for the lapse in blogging. We made some major and minor unexpected purchases over the past week, and I must admit that they've been keeping me fairly busy. Let me share.

The first of these purchases is by far the largest of all. Last week, our 17-inch iMac went into a coma, and although it is fixable and still under warranty, we decided the time came to cross off one of our goals for the year. We bought a 24-inch iMac. And it's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Since purchasing this computer, I've been able to work on wedding invitations for two people, and do a lot of design work from home. And I've never been happier with a computer in my life. I wonder what's next. What is more incredible than a sleek self-contained computer with a 24-inch screen? Check back in two months. I'm sure that technology will have made our purchase obsolete by then. But I assure you that we are going to bask in our feeling of superiority these next two months.

Saturday was a fun day for Murray and me and we just went where the day took us. We finished up our first roll of film on the Holga camera I bought him for Christmas. We dropped it off for developing and I almost passed out when I found out that it costs $13 per print to develop medium format film. So instead of getting prints, we'll have it developed and scanned directly to CD so that we can choose which shots to have printed. That makes me feel good, especially because I know that I forgot the lens cap on at least one shot.

After nachos at El Azteca, a delicacy that Ambrosia introduced me to and that I hadn't had for a couple years, Murray and I headed to DI just because. We immediately went to the chair section, which is where I always immediately go. I should just stop going to DI because I find a new chair every time I go. This time was no different. In fact, I found about four chairs that I would have been happy buying, but we limited ourselves to two office chairs. Those who used to work with me may know these as B------ chairs---a style of chair that a coworker was once so attached to, she lost her job over it. Now we have two. And they're so comfortable. If only I still had B------'s phone number, I would have let her know that there were several available. If it's worth losing a job over, it certainly must be worth the $10 DI was charging.

On our way out the door, we stopped in the "collectibles" section at the front of the store. There I saw the most adorable cradle ever. And we didn't buy it.

But we did go to BYU to buy some Sunbeams supplies (a copy of Gospel Doctrines and a small Children's Hymn Book). Then we went to the hip part of Provo, namely Coal Umbrella, Mode Boutique, and Maestro Gelato. At Coal Umbrella, we bought a fish eye camera that takes 35mm film. That means that we can take cool pictures and develop them for slightly less than $13 per print. That is if you know where you can still buy film (we went to Albertson's and found a 3 pack that had dust on it---real dust on it!). At Mode, I bought some earrings and a cute headband. At Maestro's, we bought gelato and enjoyed the art. (We enjoyed the art at both Coal Umbrella and Mode, too, but telling Murray that there was art at Maestro's was enticement to get him in since he doesn't love gelato as much as I do.)

We spent the rest of our daylight going around and taking a full roll of film with our new fish eye camera.

On Sunday, in church, I started to regret not buying the cradle. Which I think was The Spirit.

Also, Murray was exhausted from Saturday's shopping. That accounts for him passing out half way into our closet while tidying. Look at this picture and decide if this looks like a man asleep or a man who is dead.

Today I have been working from home, so I went to lunch with Murray. On my way, I picked up our fish eye prints ($8.60 for 24 prints and a CD). We enjoyed looking at them over lunch.

After lunch, The Spirit directed me to DI where the cradle was still available. Let me be clear: I am not pregnant, nor am I planning to become so any time in the next eleven months. But when there's a solid wood, hand-crafted, high-quality, antique cradle for sale at DI for $65, I think the right thing to do is buy it. As I looked at it, about three other people came by to look at it, rock it, and ooo and ahhh. I think that it takes someone giving it attention to get other people's attention. Luckily I beat them all out by getting to the cashier first.

I don't really know what we'll do with it for the next eighteen months. Maybe we'll use it to store extra blankets or something. But before our baby comes (in eighteen months), I will have given it a rich, dark stain and outfitted the interior with Amy Butler fabric, thus creating the cutest little cradle you've ever seen. Ever.

And if I'm barren, then my brother-in-law's soon-to-be bride will be getting the best bridal shower gift in the world (in thirty months) accompanied by my bitter, bitter tears.

(Which won't be too bitter if I keep spending a lot of time with the Sunbeams.)


Janssen said...

I am afraid that the man looks dead.

bedelia said...

I have a brother in law that sleeps on bathroom floors. If he's at a party, girlfriend's house, wherever and gets tired, he excuses himself to the bathroom and lays down and takes a nap. I imagine someone finding him and thinking he was dead just like Murray.

C. said...

I'm pretty sure I could find B----'s phone number for you. She's on Facebook.

TOWR said...

That cradle really is very cute. I'm shocked--SHOCKED--that you found such good things at the DI.

That computer is HAWT! I'm jealous.

spart said...

I covet your computer. Covet, I tell you.

FoxyJ said...

I love finding great stuff at DI! I think that cradle would only work for a first child--I'd never leave a baby that close to the ground with a toddler around. It's still cute though :) Be careful--the cradle might be emitting some kind of mind-altering hormones that induce you to spend the next twenty years barefoot and pregnant.

Nerd Goddess said...

Great post. I had to force myself not to laugh out loud at the picture of Murray, as I'm in a public place, and bursting into giggles would be terrible.

Also, the crib is wonderful.

Also, the computer is wonderful.

AzĂșcar said...

I am very glad you returned to purchase the cradle; you should never ignore the Spirit. We get the Spirit at DI as well, which is how my mom walked out one day with a $5,000 silver fox coat for $7.


Jon Boy said...

That iMac really is a thing of beauty. Now if only I could get one with a decent graphics card . . .

ambrosia ananas said...

Ah, those chairs. Such good memories.

Good find on the cradle.

Anonymous said...

Hey, its never to early to collect baby stuff. Looking back, I wish I had started early too.

Keep your eye out for a changing table. Best purchase we ever made!

jeri said...

I love your computer. I have one too. The only thing I didn't like was the flat-as-paper keyboard. It took me 2 months to be able to hit the space bar reliably. And I love your cradle. Although at our house it would end up filled with Polly Pocket dolls and dump trucks. And then heaved down the stairs. So... enjoy it before they're older.

Jordy said...

Where did you get the Holga? I have a friend that's a photographer and he says that until digital camera can reach the resolution of medium format (approximately 96 mega pixels), film will still be better.