Je manque a Murray

Want proof that Murray misses me, too? He's in Paris, he has the opportunity to draw cool European pictures. And what does he choose to draw?

Just to explain why he's in Europe right now, he works for a stock photography company. He's not a photographer, but he's an expert on composing shots artistically. At the office, he does all the PhotoShop work---touching up colors, cleaning up the pictures, etc.

Also, he is an artist (now you can tell). He has illustrated a few children's books, including one about the life of Senator Orrin Hatch. (I told him I always wanted to date someone who's illustrated the life of Senator Orrin Hatch.)

Here's a paragraph from a recent email. The trouble he's having with the AZERTY keyboard cracks me up:

You will hqte me but I cqnt write much there just isn t time:::::::they qre qctuqlly zqiting for me now::::::::::I hqve so much I wqnt to qsk you qnd tell you qbout::::::::::two asain men got in a fist fight fright in front of me while i reqd one of your messqges:::the bloodied eqch other it was crqzy:::::::i am neqr q hippopotumus resturqnt and the cinemqs:::::sound fqmiliqr

Anyway, he's the best. And he'll be back in six days.


Natalie said...

I must ask, what is a hippopotumus resturant?

TĂȘtue said...

Haha! That French keyboard kills me every time. That's why I always change it back to the English one before I start typin'. ;)

I've never eaten at Hippopotame. I've seen them around, but never eaten there. They're supposed to embody the evil franchise taking over independent French cuisine...