I take it back.

Several months ago, shortly after I inherited Clicky, I wrote a post complaining about radio. Because Clicky's CD player didn't (and doesn't) work, I was forced to listen to the radio or nothing while I was in the car. Well, I'd like to take back what I said and update my opinion of radio.


First of all, there's the talking. Previously, I complained about it. That's because I was only listening to X96 and refused to flip between channels. Their morning show, Radio from Hell, is aptly named. I suggest you avoid it at all costs. In fact, I discovered that a lot of things I hated about radio were things I hated about X96. I just applied it to all radio because, as I said before, I refused to flip channels. After a couple of months, I discovered My 99.5, which is great because there's no talking. Sure, you have to listen to random voice mail messages, some of which are really annoying, but they're very low on talk, very low on commercials, and very high on music.

Then, there's 101.9 The End, which is great because their talking is actually good. First of all I was converted to Chunga and Mister. I actually usually prefer listening to them rather than music while I drive to work. I ususally am on the road for top news stories and Hollywood headlines. I've considered getting a radio in my bathroom to listen to them before I go to work, but it hasn't gone that far yet. And I can't listen to them at work because I actually have to concentrate when I'm at the office. But they're seriously funny. If you're not convinced, you haven't listened to this.

Recently, Parker has joined The End as an afternoon host. The Boy was questioning people's willingness to listen to talk radio in the afternoons, but he's not so much talk radio. He actually plays really cool music and introduces you to new stuff. I like his style and I like what he plays. And I actually like his interactions with Wendy, too. Last week, they played this song, which hasn't been released yet. Not usually my style exactly, but that's what I like about Parker. He plays things that take me out of my musical comfort zone, in a good way. I haven't gone out of my way to listen to him while I'm not in the car, but I might. On several occasions, he's made me sit in my car just to keep listening after I've already reached my destination.


Previously I said that I refused to flip. I've since become a radio flipper. I usually refuse to listen to commercials now. I mainly flip between 99.5 and 101.9 but sometimes I'll go to Jack FM and sometimes I'll go back down to X96. (But can you believe---both times I flipped to that channel in the past several months, I happened to tune in just in time to catch "Lump." Why? Why??) I have retained Captain Fabuloso's radio presets because I don't know how to change them and I'm not really interested in trying. So those stations are basically it for me.


Okay, so radio commercials still suck. That's why I've become a flipper. Flipping is preferable to listening to radio commercials. I don't take back ANYTHING I previously said about radio commercials.


Finally, there's the music. I've recently bought three songs, all of which I heard on the radio. ("Grace Kelly" by Mika, "Read My Mind" by the Killers [the first song of theirs that I've really loved], and [I'm really embarrassed about this one] SOS by Rihana. ) Sure radio has its hits and misses. I hate The End's 80s party Sunday, but I love the Sunday morning End Zone performances (recordings of accoustic End Zone performances). Unfortunately I have 1:00 church, so I always miss the End Zone performances and am stuck with 80s party Sunday (I just flip to 99.5 instead).

So there you go. Don't ever say that I'm too proud to take back something that I've said before. I got an iPod and I got an iPod radio transmitter and yet I still choose to listen to the radio. Crazy, I know.


spart said...

I felt the same way about radio until I had a car and had to drive to work in the early morning. I now really enjoy morning radio shows, and they're far superior to anything that they have at night. I've switched loyalties a few times between stations, but now I'm stuck on B101, the Jamie and Tara Morning show (in fact I'm listening to them now). Sometimes I do switch to Z103 (dance) and Rock 95 if the song on B101 stinks...I currently loathe "Hurt" by Christina Aguliera, and "Keep Holding On" by Avril Lavigne. They seem to play them 20 times a day, so I do flip a fair bit.

daltongirl said...

I think I've said this before, but KUER 90.1 has it all.

Talk: Almost all talk all the time. But it's rational, interesting, credible talk. And sometimes really funny talk.

Flip: I never flip. Ever. Unless someone else drives my car and forgets to put it back on the right station.

Commercials: None. Ever. Except twice a year you have to listen to the fund drive. And even that's okay if you pledge, or plan to pledge, because then you listen and feel all this ownership. But no annoying commercials. This alone could make the whole thing worth it.

Music: Great jazz if you're listening at night. Other than that, the only music you get is between stories, when they give you a little music break to cleanse the mental palate. I love that they do this!

I can help you set all your buttons to KUER if you want.

Squirrel Boy said...

I actually went the other way—I used to not mind radio, and even like some of it, until I started driving to work every day. I got tired of hearing the same music all the time, even when I flipped stations.

Plus, it didn't help that I stopped finding Chunga and Mister funny. It just seemed after a while that it was the same old shtick every morning.

So enjoy the radio while you can, but don't be surprised if one day you find yourself yearning for a working CD player.

AzĂșcar said...

I'm with Daltongirl, it's all about 90.1 KUER. I want to learn something and be entertained. My NPR obsession is so great that I even download the free podcasts of programs that I miss. There's nothing like being able to listen to Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me while doing the dishes at 11pm on a Tuesday.

Sadly, you no longer live in the area of the best radio station--KOHS 91.7, Orem High School's music station. They'll play anything you ask, their commercials are public service announcements, and the DJs rarely say anything more than, "This is the Killers."

bedelia said...

i love orem high's station.

stupidramblings said...

It's funny you mention hating 'radio from hell' whilst loving Chunga. Back in the day, Chunga was a host on X96 and he was one of their first good ones. Then he moved on and then X96 got crappy and then 'radio from hell' fell from its previous glory.

Th. said...


For a long time I thought it was KOA Chess.