LDS Singles Sucka Tour, DC-Style

So I'm back from my vacation with Switchback, AKA Julia. (She started a blog, people!) My mother told us to change the name of the [vacation] so we changed it to "LDS Singles Sucka Tour, DC-Style." And lots of LDS Single Suckas participated with us, so that was an appropriate name. I'd like to present you with the highlights and lowlights of the vacation. Since every highlight has an accompanying lowlight, you might assume that the the end result of the vacation was neutral, but the greatness of the highlights far exceeded the lowness of the lowlights.

1. HIGHLIGHT: When we picked Julia up from the airport, a policeman pulled us over as we were driving away. He took his time coming to the car, and Julia told my mom not to worry---that they'd gotten a ticket at the beginning of her recent Costa Rica vacation and it turned out to be her best vacation ever, so a ticket would only be a good sign. The policeman came to the window and told my mom that she had a burned out headlight that needed to be fixed. He gave us a fix-it ticket. On our way back home, we were pulled over once more, pretty much guaranteeing that this WOULD be the best vacation ever.

LOWLIGHT: We never got pulled over again, even though Julia was all ready with her camera to capture the moment on film. Alas, we have no photographic record of us dealing with the police on this vacation.

2. HIGHLIGHT: Staying with my family. My family is just so cool and so much fun. I love spending time with them.

LOWLIGHT: My mother doesn't actually love me. My cousin arrived a few days before me and my mom took a day off work to spend time with her. (NOTE: My mom works for my dad.) My mom's boss did not allow her to take any days off while I was in town. (That's partly a lie---she was able to take a half a day on Monday.) When my mom found out that I was leaving early Tuesday morning and Julia was leaving Tuesday evening, she said, "Ooo! I can take the day off and we can go and do something together!" That was before she took the half day off for me. I think the half-day was my consolation prize.

3. HIGHLIGHT: Spending time with Julia. We don't get to see each other that often, so getting together was a lot of fun.

4. HIGHLIGHT: Seeing all the sites. We packed a ton of stuff in during this trip. We saw the National Art Galleries, the White House (from a distance), five monuments, the National Archives, the Natural History Museum, Kabab Palace, the National Zoo, my friend's wedding reception, Columbia church services, Annapolis, Mount Vernon, and the mall.

LOWLIGHT: Trying to make my legs keep walking when really I just wanted to curl up on the sidewalk and cry.

5. HIGHLIGHT: We used tons of calories.

LOWLIGHT: We consumed two tons of calories.

6. HIGHLIGHT: Kabab Palace. On Friday night, we met up with Rice and she took us to her favorite restaurant, run by Afganis, "Kabab Palace." The food was great. It also came with little to-go boxes that had American flags on top and said, "Pride in America." This translates into "We're not terrorists."

LOWLIGHT: The food terrorized my innards the next day. The next day was zoo day (the only day I specifically requested) and I had to buy a map just so that I could know the location of the bathrooms at all times. Later that night, the food terrorized Julia and Rice's sister as well.

7. HIGHLIGHT: All the food. We ate at some really good restaurants, including Old Ebbitt Grill and Potbelly's and Mai Thai.

LOWLIGHT: All the calories. All the calories!

8. HIGHLIGHT: Julia brought her own pointer on vacation (she warned me that during museum tours, she would be taking notes---she's that kind of tourist). We whipped out the pointer on many occasions, and as soon as we started tapping things with the pointer and talking, people started to pay attention to us.

LOWLIGHT: We're both incredible geeks and will never ever get married.

Okay, well, I think that's enough for now. I'm sure in the next few days I'll post a few more vacation stories. Also coming up on my blog: How I've become a fashion designer, and Why Redras is still my number one all-time roommate.


abby said...

The Kabob Palace seems to wreck havoc with everyone's innards. I once went there with a bunch of friends all those who ate the food were in the bathroom the next day.

M. Paul Bailey said...

Hurray for Potbelly's! And hurray for Pandas!

natali said...

did you go to the kabob palace in crystal city. i want to franchise potbellies in salt lake. then i can eat a wreck everyday...

Rachel said...
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C. said...

Punjab Kabob right next to the Kabob Palace is just as yummy... and it doesn't hurt your tummy. For future FYI. :)

Jenny said...

You people and your weak digestive tracks. My super power must by a stomach of steel in order to eat at Kabob as often as I do. But I apologize for taking you there and hope that the Mai Thai recommendation made up for it!


Lane said...

I've got to try that pointer thing. Maybe people will start paying attention to me. I'll test it out on my parents.

Nah, it'll never work.

Anne said...

This post made me giggle, especially the part about your mom not loving you. I can relate!

Mmmmm...potbellies! I love that place!