Why I Fly Southwest

This is an unsponsored post. I just needed to let you all know why I fly Southwest. Because I love them that much.

1) You still get two free bags per person.
2) If I book enough in advance, I can usually get $99 per person.
3) Their Sky Cap service is still gratuity only. I don't like it when you're supposed to pay sky cap. Not that I don't tip! I definitely tip! But if there is a fee for sky cap, I am never sure if I'm supposed to pay the fee and tip ON TOP of the fee.
4) Their seating system is just about the closest I ever get to feel to gambling. Or maybe it's like a competition. (I lost the competition last time, when after checking in 30 seconds after check in was available, I was still relegated to the B group. So I decided to make a wheelchair take me to the plane and I got to get on first. Suckas!)
5) If I have to cancel my flight or change my flight, I am charged no penalties. I don't lose my money. I am not hit with hidden fees. I just have to use the credit within a year. Which I always do anyway.

That number 5 is probably my biggest. It means that right now, I can book the flights that Murray and I will probably be taking in October, without the stress of committing to every detail of our trip. If I need to adjust something later, I can! I love you, Southwest!

Ridiculously Good Looking

Today Murray, Gulliver and I went out to lunch at a fine dining establishment, even Costco. This was after my trip to Target where Gulliver turned heads. My baby gets attention wherever he goes. One cashier even asked for the privilege of rubbing his bald baby head. (It's getting slightly more fuzzy.)

While we were eating, we noticed people staring at Gulliver and laughing over his expressions and general happiness. And as we were discussing the fact that we may in fact have the cutest, most adorable baby on the planet, it happened. I noticed a teenage boy staring at Gulliver and smiling, and pointing him out to his mother.

If Gulliver can elicit such a reaction from a teenage boy, then it is official. Gulliver is the cutest baby on the planet!!

Then, as we got up to leave, an old lady came up to us begging to touch him and told us, "This is what every baby should look like!"

Let's go metric.

Okay, people. Really. How do you feel about this? Do you really think that the [stupid] system used in the United States of America is okay? How many inches in a foot? How many feet in a yard? How many yards in a mile? How many inches in a mile? And let's not even TALK about the fact that measurements less than an inch are just eighths or sixteenths of an inch! How many quarts in a gallon? How many pints in a gallon? How many cups in a pint? How many fluid ounces in a cup?

It's ridiculous, people. And you know what? Going metric isn't that hard. Just do it. Embrace the simplicity.

Today I had to figure out the size ratio of a 4'x4' square to a 8.5"x5.5" rectangle and a 6"x3.5" rectangle. And my head nearly exploded trying to figure out how I would possibly do it. And then Google SAVED MY LIFE (except for the fact that I could possibly have billed hourly for the time it took me to do all that math myself...) when I realized that I could just Google "4 feet in cm" etc. for all my measurements to put it all into a system that actually makes sense and is based on the same units of measurement, instead of a stinking pile of made up garbage.

Speaking of a stinking pile of made up garbage, Fahrenheit also sucks. I mean, come on. Don't you want to use a system where 0 is freezing and 100 is boiling? What's this crap about saying "it's below freezing" when you're referring to 10 degrees? It hardly makes any sense. In Celsius, if it's a negative number, it's below freezing. So simple.

Why must it be so unnecessarily complicated?

No Peas, Please

It's been a while since I've posted a series of Gulliver's faces, but this one had to be done. Gulliver has been a champ at eating foods. He hasn't been picky at all. Until I busted out the peas. Both Murray and I love peas! Gulliver, not so much. I have been battling with the same pack of peas for 3 days now, and was only able to dispose of half of it. I'd say only an 8th ever actually made it down Gulliver's gullet.


Today marks a milestone in Gulliver's development. Gulliver is learning to play with others!

It first happened when I was feeding him. A lot of the time when I'm breastfeeding, Gulliver will flail his arms and hit me in the head. I, in turn, try to get his fingers in my mouth and then I bite them and he laughs. This has been going on for a while, but today, when I nibbled on his fingers, he laughed and then pulled his hand away. Then, he put his hand back in my mouth so that I could nibble again. Then he'd laugh and pull his hand out again. Good times!

You'd think that big step would be enough for one evening, but later I put his pajamas on, and we were sitting on the floor together. Gulliver loves to scream when he's happy. So he would scream, hold his arms out to the sides, and then slap the ground. So I did the same, and slapped my hands down on his. To my surprise, he repeated! And this went on and on to our mutual amusement. Murray even joined the game a little bit later. I tried to get some shots of it, but the iPhone is so slow, so all you really get is a blur that shows there was motion going on. Anyway. I was just thinking earlier today how much I love being this boy's mother, but he just made it even better.

In unrelated news, today was cast-off day. Hooray! Now both my feet are done and they both just have to continue healing, but I'm done with surgeries (hopefully) forever! In case you're sick and disgusting and want to see what both my feet looked like when the casts were removed, you may click on this teeny thumbnail. But you probably don't want to. Don't say I didn't warn you.