Why I Fly Southwest

This is an unsponsored post. I just needed to let you all know why I fly Southwest. Because I love them that much.

1) You still get two free bags per person.
2) If I book enough in advance, I can usually get $99 per person.
3) Their Sky Cap service is still gratuity only. I don't like it when you're supposed to pay sky cap. Not that I don't tip! I definitely tip! But if there is a fee for sky cap, I am never sure if I'm supposed to pay the fee and tip ON TOP of the fee.
4) Their seating system is just about the closest I ever get to feel to gambling. Or maybe it's like a competition. (I lost the competition last time, when after checking in 30 seconds after check in was available, I was still relegated to the B group. So I decided to make a wheelchair take me to the plane and I got to get on first. Suckas!)
5) If I have to cancel my flight or change my flight, I am charged no penalties. I don't lose my money. I am not hit with hidden fees. I just have to use the credit within a year. Which I always do anyway.

That number 5 is probably my biggest. It means that right now, I can book the flights that Murray and I will probably be taking in October, without the stress of committing to every detail of our trip. If I need to adjust something later, I can! I love you, Southwest!


Janssen said...

I agree for all those reasons. I LOVE Southwest.

I also love that if you buy tickets for $110 (or whatever) and then the price drops to $99, you can cancel and rebook and get the difference refunded or in credit. Brilliant.

Reno said...

All hail Southwest Airlines! Will your travels be bringing you to New York City?

Sarah Flib said...
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DP said...

Amen. Also, their flight attendants tend to have a sense of humor.

"Please pay attention to the following emergency procedure, although we do not anticipate an emergency landing--if we did, we would've called in sick today."

jcaroline said...

I love SW also. But I need to tell you I've been paid 5 bags of peanuts to make this comment.

Sarah said...

I flew southwest for the first time this summer. I was pretty impressed. Plus, they let you board early if you have kids.

Kristeee said...

I was on a SW flight once where a lady was super afraid of flying so they got her wined up and were very nice to her. The end of the flight got rough and the landing was kind of scary, so the flight attendant came on after the landing and sang us the Barney "I love you" song with different words. Sadly, the only part I remember is the last line: Marry one of us and fly for free!

Plus, they don't break guitars. :)

Anonymous said...

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