No Peas, Please

It's been a while since I've posted a series of Gulliver's faces, but this one had to be done. Gulliver has been a champ at eating foods. He hasn't been picky at all. Until I busted out the peas. Both Murray and I love peas! Gulliver, not so much. I have been battling with the same pack of peas for 3 days now, and was only able to dispose of half of it. I'd say only an 8th ever actually made it down Gulliver's gullet.


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

All I am saying Gulliver, is give peas a chance!
But whatever you do, don't visualize whirrled peas.

Love your Dear ol' Pod, I mean Dad.

jcaroline said...

In his defense, if you are feeding him Gerber peas, they do taste like poo.

AzĂșcar said...

I'm with jcaroline.

Just give him real peas. Promise he'll like them better!

(And better for his hand-eye coordination.)

Jordan said...

It took a while for my baby to warm up to peas.
She does beter with peas when I mix them in with something else. Beef(or potatos)+peas=happy baby. jcaroline and azucar are right. Ellie won't touch the bottled stuff, even if it is mixed. Homemade peas are much tastier.

Mary said...

hahaah!! After we fed Tillie peas, she never trusted us again. She would only open her mouth ever so slightly to taste what was on the end of the spoon. even now, I nearly pee my pants when I watch the video of when we gave her peas for the first time--the awful shudder she gave! hahaha!