Ridiculously Good Looking

Today Murray, Gulliver and I went out to lunch at a fine dining establishment, even Costco. This was after my trip to Target where Gulliver turned heads. My baby gets attention wherever he goes. One cashier even asked for the privilege of rubbing his bald baby head. (It's getting slightly more fuzzy.)

While we were eating, we noticed people staring at Gulliver and laughing over his expressions and general happiness. And as we were discussing the fact that we may in fact have the cutest, most adorable baby on the planet, it happened. I noticed a teenage boy staring at Gulliver and smiling, and pointing him out to his mother.

If Gulliver can elicit such a reaction from a teenage boy, then it is official. Gulliver is the cutest baby on the planet!!

Then, as we got up to leave, an old lady came up to us begging to touch him and told us, "This is what every baby should look like!"


--r said...

naturally, i think we've got the cutest, but i have to admit that gulliver would give our little sambob a run for his money.

daltongirl said...

Congratulations! He's well on his way to becoming a merman. I just hope he is able to learn how to turn left.

Nerd Goddess said...

He is pretty darn cute. I have obligations to nieces/nephews/future offspring but Gulliver is definitely up there with the best in my opinion. Which is weird, because I don't really know you. But I love how chubby and happy he is. :)

KT said...

He sure is adorable in pics and I'm so excited to see him in person!

I had a woman in our ward when my boy was born who told me that, as cute as her grandkids are, he was the cutest she'd ever seen. I thought that was rather impressive.

Mary said...

was this boy italian? we took our baby on a trip to italy we had teenage boys following us around like crazy!