Photo Catch-up Part 2: Vacation

On the flight out to Maryland, Gulliver wore his plane pjs and had his plane blanket. Everyone loved it. He slept most of the flight and didn't cry at all. Passengers and flight crew told us how good a little traveler he is. We are so proud.

Once in Maryland, my mom treated us to crab cakes. They were honestly the best crab cakes I have ever had. Yum! At this restaurant, there was a sign saying no sleeveless shirts or tank tops. My mom asked if they actually enforced that and the hostess explained, "It's actually only for the men, but we weren't allowed to put 'Men Only' on the sign."

Visiting the Stephen Colbert portrait in the American History Smithsonian.

Dad in the statue garden, sharing secrets with his new friends.

Outside the Hershorn.

Gulliver is pooped after a long day!

Getting some real Jewish corned beef sandwiches.

At the bench where we got engaged, with something to show for our marriage!

In the Australia exhibit at the aquarium.

Getting near a snake-necked turtle.

At the Jefferson Memorial, looking at the cherry blossoms.

We did not walk ALL THE WAY AROUND the tidal basin, because every time my dad asked us if we wanted to walk "ALL THE WAY AROUND the tidal basin," he emphasized certain words that made it clear what HE wanted to do. (And because I didn't actually want to walk ALL THE WAY AROUND the tidal basin with my healing foot and with the big marathon going on that would have blocked our walk.)

Dad and Ootsie and Maeby.

Dad and the marathoners. Should I write what he calls the runners? "Losers, wannabe's and would-be pretenders." And he said it loud enough for them to hear if they were listening. I hope they get my dad's sense of humor... We didn't love the runners. There were 12,000 of them, and they and their spectators made a usually busy cherry blossom trip EXTRA busy. There were almost fist fights over our parking spot when we were ready to leave.

Oh, how beautiful! The cherry blossoms are raining on Murray! And just to the left of this picture, dad is shaking the cherry blossom tree. And some runner is yelling at my dad. Good times!

At National Harbor, looking at The Awakening.

Back at my parents' house, Murray is sharing music with Gulliver.

On the plane ride back home.

Gulliver was, once again, a perfect little traveler.

So there you go. We had a fun visit out in Maryland and got to do lots of fun things.


Anne said...

I was one of those "losers, wannabe's and would-be pretenders". On behalf of all of the runners of the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, please accept my sincere apologies for spoiling your otherwise lovely trip to the cherry blossom filled tidal basin.

(don't worry, if I wasn't running that day, I probably would have hated us too!)

Sarah said...

I'm incredibly jealous that Gulliver was the perfect traveler. Seriously? No crying. Slept the whole way practically. This is too much!

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

I love the pic where Gulliver is passed out on daddy's lap...

What a fun blog... love the handwritten scratch describing your blog.