Family Fitness!

This has been the first week of the Amore Family Fitness Initiative to Promote Better Health and Sleeping here in our home. My theory is that if we go to bed every evening at 11:00 and get up by 8:00 every day, and if we eat balanced meals, and if we get 1/2 hour of exercise every day, then Murray will sleep better. We'll see if I'm right. And if I am, I will patent my sleep prescription, write a book, and sell my health plan to millions.

(You probably won't notice, but it's after 11:00 p.m. and we're still up. Unfortunately I implemented the AFFITPBHAS during a week when I am super busy with work and deadlines. And I am blogging to procrastinate my work and deadlines.)

Murray and I get prizes if we each lose 15 lbs. For Murray, it's a Mac Mini, which he hopes will change our TV viewing experience forever. For me, it's a set of yellow chairs that I want desperately and will improve the quality of my life. And heck. If I lose 15 lbs and get 1/2 hour of exercise every day, I reduce my risk of developing type II diabetes by 58 percent!

Anyhoo. Tonight our 1/2 hour of exercise was swimming at our pool. Murray thought that "swimming for exercise" meant floating around in the water. Boy was he surprised when I forced him into doing the back stroke! But I was met with a little resistence, and I'm not talking about the water. So to make our water exercise more fun, Murray and I developed some pool olympics. Here are some games that may not be making it as official sports any time soon:

1) Racing across the pool by walking across the bottom of the pool. No hands allowed. No kicking allowed. You must walk across the bottom of the pool.---WINNER: MURRAY

2) Worming across the pool. Hands and ankles must stay together as you worm your way across the pool.---WINNER: CICADA

3) Bunny jumping across the pool. Hands must be tucked under the knees and you must hop across the pool.---WINNER: MURRAY

4) Kicking across the pool. Hands must be to your sides. You must face upwards. You can get across the pool only by kicking.---WINNER: CICADA

5) Paddling across the pool. Feet must be held still. You can get across the pool by using your arms only.---WINNER: MURRAY

6) Peeing in the pool.---WINNER: THE KIDS WHO WERE THERE AT 10:00 AT NIGHT ON A SCHOOL NIGHT. (What's up with that?)

There were some other water sports that I can't quite remember. Some involved hefting the other person. Oh---there was this great ab workout where you had to wrap your legs around the other person, keep your head above the water, and keep your hands out of the water.

So in the end, we both got a great workout. And I got to wear my new swim suit from Lime Ricki and Murray said I looked hot. And then we got back home and I helped myself to a second serving of spinach artichoke quiche.

By the way, Gulliver stayed in his swing in the corner of the pool area (far away from the pool edge) and seemed quite indifferent to his parents making fools of themselves. He's such a good boy.


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

You forgot the feat where I balanced your body on my head underwater, I mean that took skill on my part. Well, the water did most of the work, but walking like a crab underwater is no wasy task.......except for crabs.

Sarah said...

Sounds like fun! Good luck and may the best olympian win! What if you both loose 15 lbs? Do you get both prizes?

Kristeee said...

Awesome. My dad & I have giraffe races - straddle a swim noodle as you would a horse (or a giraffe, I guess), then keep both hands on its neck jockeying it forward and back as you kick your way across the pool. It's quite the workout!