Photo Catch-up Part 1: Park Day

Okay. I know I haven't posted in forever. I have been legitimately pretty busy and we were on vacation. So now I'm ready to give you a photo account of what we've been up to.

Here are some great pictures from our activities on Saturday. We went park hopping with Murray's family and the fact that it was raining meant that we got the parks to ourselves. Murray's family has found two great parks in the area. I was feeding Gulliver during one park visit, so I don't have pictures from there, but here are some pictures of a park that was so fun, even we adults couldn't resist playing on the equipment.

(Gulliver's first slide ride. I think that I have enough excitement in my expression for the two of us. Unfortunately for me, I recognize this expression from other pictures that have been taken of me in moments of extreme excitement.)

(You can't see my 9-yr-old nephew, but here I am, racing him up the rock wall. Because I don't let kids win.)

(And here's the coconut cake I made for Easter---the first ever cake I've made that actually turned out pretty.)


Melyngoch said...

Blast. I really want a coconut cake.

Katria said...

It's sad how I automatically think "park" refers to amusement/theme parks. You possibly hopped the better kind.