Is is really Friday already? This week has gone by SO fast. And with very little posting by me. Many apologies. I have actually been quite busy with work. It seems like everyone backed off when Gulliver was born and gave me a bit of space, but lately, I feel like I'm right back into things, full swing. Which is GREAT because it means we get money. And it means that I'm working and doing things that I enjoy. But it means that I'm not sleeping in till noon and eating bon bons all day long. What the heck?

One of my favorite moments of this week was when Murray rolled over my surgery foot in bed and when I cried out in pain, instead of apologizing, he said, "Huh. It'll subside." This is my new pat response for any complaint of his.

Tuesday of this week, Murray and I dropped Gulliver off at Grandma's and went to see Taken at the movies. I really needed to get out of the house. We actually quite enjoyed the movie. Of course as with any action film, there are things that you can pick apart (which is one of my favorite things about watching action movies). But I only had three things about this movie anyway. If you see the movie and want to know what they are, highlight the following secret text:

1) In Paris, the protagonist presents a French government business card to the Albanians but speaks to them in English (with no French accent) the entire time. What's up with that? Like they couldn't figure out right away that there's probably no Americans working in that part of the French government?

2) The rich dad sends the real dad to Paris on a private jet, but when the real dad brings his sexually exploited daughter home, they take a regular plane. What's up with that?

3) Apparently I can't remember my third point. But I know it was really good.

On Wednesday, Murray was sick and stayed home from work. So it kindof felt like an island Saturday in the middle of the week, especially considering we'd been out to the movies the night before. So I took advantage of Murray's ability to stay in bed and entertain Gulliver and I got some good housework done. And Murray listed a bunch of old books that he doesn't want anymore on Amazon (and sold 6 in less than 24 hours).

Here's Gulliver and company. One of these days we'll get a picture of him smiling with his friends.

Here's Gulliver standing. He hates being on his stomach and he doesn't like lying down more than necessary. He likes sitting up and standing.

Gulliver and his feet. I finally found a pair of pajamas that are not skin-tight on him. Unfortunately he's pretty much outgrown his Dwell pajamas already. Those were supposed to be 3-6 months!! He's barely 3 months. These pajamas are 9 months. Hopefully they'll last through the week.

And finally, here is Gulliver laughing with his Aunt Cici.


Nemesis said...

I am actually dead at my desk right now because the cuteness overload killed me where I sat.


KJ said...

aww shucks he's a cute baby. And word to the wise: most clothes I get at Target for my babies tend to run a little small. Coupled with wee ones on the high end of the growth chart, and I end up buying at least one size larger than age would dictate. for example, if my baby is 3 months old, I buy the 3-6 months size. My toddler is 2.5 but I get 4Ts for him.

jeri said...

Do you have one of those jumper things that hang from the door frame? Both of my kids liked to stand a lot so those were a lifesaver. They could have their feet on the floor and bounce around and see stuff without needing to be held every second.

Jenny said...

...that baby is so dang cute I'm going to watch that clip until I have it memorized.

Emily said...

Enjoyed meeting you last night and Gulliver is the cutest thing ever! I could've eaten him up (along with the strawberries). Love your blog!

nicole hill gerulat said...

oh my goodness.. what an adorable little guy --are you bringing him for lunch (i mean to lunch) tomorrow?