Not Disneyland

A few months ago, Murray's sisters announced that they were going to go to Disneyland for the first few days of December. Of course we were invited, but everyone basically understood that at that point, I'd be super pregnant and ready to burst at any moment.

Well, a little over a week ago, I realized that the trip was only a week away, and although I was pregnant, I didn't feel super pregnant, and I didn't feel as if I were ready to burst. I figured I'd be up for a trip to Disneyland. Murray loves Disneyland so much, and I really wanted the opportunity of going with him and his family and experiencing the park with him. (I went when I was 9 and was singularly unimpressed, to be honest. But I was ready for Murray to change my mind.)

So I told Murray that I figured we could go. I called the doctor and found out that 35 weeks was the cut off point for travel, and since I'd only be 34 weeks, I'd be okay to go. So we made plans to go to Disneyland, and we were really excited.

And then I went in for a diabetes appointment one week before we would have left, and I was reminded that I was actually 34 weeks. One week before leaving for Disneyland. Which would put me at 35 weeks when it was actually time to leave for Disneyland. Which is the cut off point for travel.

We went to the doctor's office the next morning for our regularly scheduled appointment and asked the doctor if it really was such a big deal for me not to travel at 35 weeks. And she said that she really couldn't recommend it. She said that we could go and be absolutely fine, or we could go and have the baby. She said that the choice was ours to make, but as our doctor, she had to recommend against it.

And Murray said that he'd bet money that I wouldn't have the baby while we were in California, but then we realized that we'd literally be betting $10,000 on it, because that's what it would cost to have an out-of-network baby.

So we canceled our trip. Poor, poor Murray. It's one of many sacrifices that we'll be making for this baby.

BUT, I figured that Murray needed a little getaway, not to replace Disneyland, but to at least make up for it in some small way. So yesterday we had a surprise date. I sent him to work dressed up in a shirt and tie and told him that we'd leave straight from work for our evening's activities.

After work, I picked Murray up and we drove together to Salt Lake City, where I took him to Madeline's, a steak house. Murray had recently decided that if he were able to choose his last meal, it would be a good steak. The decor of the steak house was very... not our style. There were animal heads mounted all over, and signs about cowboys. But our food was delicious!

After dinner, we headed to the Gateway to kill some time before the night's main (and still secret) event. When we headed back to the car, Murray was surprised that we weren't walking to the night's main event. He had guessed that I was taking him to a 3-D movie at the Planetarium. Nope!

We made our way closer and closer to the University of Utah and I started hinting at what we'd be doing. Within a couple of blocks of Kingsbury Hall, Murray finally figured out that we were going to see the Odyssey Dance Company's version of It's a Wonderful Life, Murray's favorite movie. I told him that it's a family tradition, since last year we went to Springville's local production of It's a Wonderful Life. Every year, we'll have to try and find a new adaptation of It's a Wonderful Life to see!

Murray is an excellent gift receiver, and he made me feel like I'd just given him the moon! We enjoyed the production very much and then had a nice drive back home.

So here is how our evening was like Disneyland:

* A themed restaurant with fake (or dead) animals.
* A Disney Princess---Sleeping Beauty. (See photo.)
* A show (Murray keeps telling me that Disneyland is not about the rides---it's about the shows).

Here is how our evening was not like Disneyland:

* Really good food for not too much money.
* No animatronics.
* About 1/5th of the expense.
* We didn't have a baby in the It's a Small World tunnel.

Murray my love, we'll make it to Disneyland soon!


Mike Loveland said...

you ARE my Disneyland in these and other ways.

Adventureland - You are always up for a good time.

Frontierland - You take me to steakhouses with miniature moose heads, oh and Candada.

Fantasyland - You are a dream come true.


Especially Tomorrowland, because as cheesy as it sounds, my future is with you.

FoxyJ said...

I like the sleep mask :)

I thought the travel rule was kind of silly, but I had a friend who ended up having her baby early in another state (thankfully she was visiting her mom). And then there was my spectacular water-breaking-at-a-party performance with Little Dude. So if I ever get pregnant again Mr. Fob and I have decided we're staying in our house for the last few months. Of course having a baby at Disneyland would be pretty cool...

daltongirl said...

Can you even imagine how cool it would be to grow up saying that you were born at Disneyland? That would be well worth $10,000, for loving parents, that is.

Good thing you didn't go, because even though the shows are awesome, you wouldn't be able to go on any of the fun rides, and that would be a bummer.

Why do all steakhouses think they have to decorate like Frontierland? I would like to eat a nice, juicy steak in an Italian setting, for example. Is that so much to ask? Carvers had nice decor, but they closed. Maybe no one ate steak there because they didn't have sequined cowboy boots on every table.

Petit Elefant said...

It's just not the same I tell you.

Melanie said...

We really miss you guys. Its been lots of fun. We are glad you made some fun for Mike. You are so perfect for him.

Natalie said...

It sounds like a great evening!

How was It's a Wonderful Life? I am curious. I have never been to an Odyssey production, but I hear they're great, and I did watch Matt (who is one of the dancers portraying George Bailey) and Thayne on So You Think You Can Dance (guilty pleasure).

Sorry you missed DL. On the bright side, I have been to DL with and without my kids - I really enjoy it more with the kids.

Rachie said...

I went to Disneyland when I was about 19, and I, like you, was unimpressed. I like a good, heart-attack-inducing roller coaster, and Disneyland just doesn't deliver in that respect.

You and Murray always have the funnest dates. I guess that's what happens when two creative types get together. :)

Kristeee said...

My doc told me that he especially recommends against traveling to CA late in a pregnancy because the elevation and pressure change often induces labor. I went at 31 weeks and my water broke at 33, but I don't think the two are related.

And a trip to Disneyland would've been mean, because you couldn't have done anything at California Adventure.