2008: A Year in Review

So last year, I reviewed my goal successes on my blog. Now, looking back at them and the goals that I set for 2008, I'd say I did pretty well. So here is 2008: A Year in Review!


2008 goal: Get couple friends.

Result: Murray and I haven't made friends in the ward, but at least we've spent some time socially with other couples. Of note are Jenny & Ed and Steve & Moleste (who technically are family, but since we like them socially, too, they count as couple friends).

2009 goal: Don't go into hermithood because of baby.


2008 goal: Get pregnant?

Result: Got pregnant way ahead of schedule. Go us!

2009 goal: Have a baby. Like, really really soon.


2008 goal: Lose 30 lbs. (Then get pregnant in time to gain again.)

Result: Did not lose any pounds, but did not gain much during pregnancy (about 15). Developed gestational diabetes which forced me to develop and maintain proper eating habits which I hope to continue (thus reducing my risk of developing type 2 diabetes).

2009 goal: Get down to undisclosed goal weight, five pounds at a time. (So I'll focus on this goal monthly rather than setting a large goal for the whole year.) Hopefully I will kick-start this weight-loss with at least a 15-pound jump! A friend said she actually weighed less after delivering her baby than she did when she got pregnant because of her gestational diabetes, so here's hoping.......


2008 goal: Read 5 books.

Result: Joined a book club and read 6 of those books, plus at least 5 on my own. Go me! Joining a book club did wonders for my book reading stats! Plus I've read most of a few books on pregnancy.

2009 goal: Read 15 books, at least 5 of which should be baby/family related.


2008 goal: Start designing wedding invitations as side-work.

Result: Designed several wedding invitations and have built up a small collection of templates, but have yet to market my templates properly. Did at least one wedding invite job for profit this year, but also two adoption announcements for profit. Yay! Of course, all of this transitioned from "side-work" to full-time work as it is part of my full-time business now.

2009 goal: Set up proper website, market myself, and design some baby announcements and Christmas card templates before September 2009 so that I can get in the game.


2008 goal: Read the Sunday School and Relief Society lessons each week, even though I will be teaching the sunbeams. (I do not yet know what kind of scripture study preparing my lessons entails... do 3-year-olds know how to speak yet? Do they still pee their pants?)

Result: At least I prepared my sunbeams lessons... And I found out that they do sometimes still pee their pants, or dresses as the case may be!

2009 goal: Read the Sunday School and Relief Society lessons each week, even though I will be teaching some other primary class that I don't know about yet.


New 2009 Business-Related goals:

Shower, brush my teeth, and do my makeup at least 5 days out of 7.
Get a functioning, kick-A website.
Market myself better.
Focus on work that frees me up (like templates vs. custom work).

Other tidbits:

* Designed two day planner designs that have been published and printed and used by thousands.
* Designed items that will be sold in superstores (like Target and Office Depot and Staples) in 2009, AND on the home shopping network. Boo-yah.
* Sold original creations at craft fairs.
* Was (and am) married to a man who had an actual piece of actual artwork in an actual museum.

Places traveled:
Canada (all the way up to Moosonee)
Texas (all the way down to Galviston)
San Diego (no Mexico this year)


How we did on our list of 2008 other plans of note:
Buy a 24-inch iMac.---Check! And it's beautiful. AND we bought a powerbook, too because we're greedy.
Go to Canada (maybe twice).---Went once and did a good job of it!
Go to Texas.---Check! And I can't wait to go back!
Go to Europe?---Got pregnant instead. Yay!
Go to San Francisco?---Went back to San Diego this year and plan for San Francisco in 2009.
Go to Las Vegas to see Love.---Nope! Hopefully 2009 will be a good year for this!
Go birdwatching together.---Nope! Unless you count driving up and down the I-15.
Make lots of paintings and artwork.---Yep! Our house is like unto a gallery. Except that I have a hard time hanging things so very little of our artwork is actually on the walls right now...
Have fun day trips.


2009 other plans of note:

Learn how to be good parents.
Take lots of pictures of us and our activities and our baby.
Use lots of cool and different cameras.
See Wicked in Salt Lake?
See Love in Vegas?
Go to San Francisco.
Make a new calendar for 2010.
Set up business properly and legally.
Make lots of art just for us.


Mike Loveland said...

I'll add one:

Was and is, quite a lovely person to live with.

DP said...

If the baby comes before 11:59, won't you get a fat tax credit?

Jenny said...

I am of note. HAHAHA.

You could go see Wicked in SF. That'd be awesome. Love the list, congrats on actually doing so many of them!

Shop Girl* said...

Happy New Year, Cicada!

Did you know that Rhea started a blog about her pregnancy? She is due in a little under 3 months I believe! This is the link if you want to check it out: http://ouracadianlife.blogspot.com/

Rachie said...

One of my goals is to start brushing my teeth and getting ready every day too. Haha! I guess that's a good problem to have--better than "Make it to work on time for once before I get fired."

Jenny said...

Great goals, and kudos to you for all of your accomplishments and ambitions! One of my goals for '09 is to start saying 'hi' occasionally, when I hop onto someone's blog who I don't know, but enjoy reading... so hey!

jennie said...

I love this post Alma. You really are a fascinating person. Good luck with the baby... can't wait!!!

Abbie said...

What a fun review of your year! Here's to hoping the baby comes soon! Ella was a week and a half early so that was nice. I think I would have popped had she gone over.

Marie @ Make and Takes said...

Great list! I totally hear you on "Shower, brush my teeth, and do my makeup at least 5 days out of 7." And I love that it was listed under Work goals!!! I may also add "shave my legs more than once a week!"

Here's looking and feeling like a lady in 2009!

P.S. Good luck with your upcoming baby!

Bethany said...

When you go to San Francisco, you can come visit/stay me in Sac-town (or there abouts).

Jan said...

I love this post! :) I am in nursery and I, too, had a goal to do more for my "grown-up" side on Sundays. I kind of failed but try, try again, right? :)

Also! I work at a law firm that does corporate setup. My place can help you "officially" set up your business :) We can talk about it more, if you want, at your Illustrator 101 classes in February (which I am SOO excited for!!!)

Audrey said...

As a recent recipient of Cicada's lovely work, I will hereby vouch for the fact that she makes amazing wedding invitations!

(BTW, A proper thank-you note and photos are forthcoming.)