Auto Pilot

Isn't it wonderful that my body knows how to make a baby? Isn't it wonderful that I don't actually have to know the science behind dividing cells, specializing, making lungs, liver, heart, blood, and guts? Seriously, because our baby would be in big trouble if I were in charge of putting him together myself.

See exhibit A. This is some work that I did for El Senor. El Senor provided me with a vector file of a body silhouette and a non-vector file of guts---the stomach, and the small and large intestines. And all I had to do was use the non-vector file to make a vector illustration of the stomach and guts to fit into the vector illustration of the body. (Sorry with my being all technical by using the word "vector"---let's just say that vector work is my specialty.)

So I made the guts and I put them on the body.

And then El Senor informed me that I positioned the rectum at the man's belly button.

Whoops! How was I supposed to know that's a rectum? But thanks to my auto pilot, our little developing baby will not poop out of his belly button.


Jonathon said...

If you didn't know that that was a rectum, then what did you think it was?

Red said...


Maybe it's just because anatomy is MY specialty where vector-whatever is yours, but I found that HIGHLY amusing. ;)

wonderwoman007 said...

Hey, now that you're home, do you think you could email all of us that took your illustrator classes directions on how to do that calendar you helped us with? Pretty please? THANK YOU!
Or maybe post about it on your blog!

Rachie said...

Haha! Hey, why shouldn't we poop out our belly buttons? You may have stumbled upon a scientific revolution there. :)