Two Ears and a Heart

I've started commuting by myself, which means that I've been listening to a lot of This American Life. Of course, if anyone has any books on CD to lend me, I'd love to listen to a book.

The episode I listened to yesterday was about break-ups, and the first act was the story of a girl who developed a love of Phil Collins while she and her boyfriend were dating. First it started as a joke and then developed into a real admiration. And when they broke up, she even borrowed Phil Collins's lyrics without thinking about it and said, "How can you just let me walk away, I'm the only one who ever knew you at all."

Well, the girl decides she needs to write a break-up song, and she ends up actually calling and talking to Phil Collins himself for advice. Hard to believe, really, but super funny. She said that during her relationship, she and her boyfriend would talk about Phil Collins, and now, she and Phil Collins were talking about her boyfriend. Anyway, the conversations were recorded, and it really made me like Phil Collins a lot more. (You can listen to the episode here.)

It made me think of the line from 30 Rock. When Jack is asked if he likes Phil Collins, he responds, "I have two ears and a heart, don't I?" Best line ever.

And that brings me to my next point. The Office? Whoa. Did anyone even watch that last week? My brother-in-law and mother-in-law both told me not to bother, but how can you skip an episode and keep watching the series? Murray and I got through it, but seriously. It only had a couple good moments.

Contrast that with 30 Rock, which Murray and I watched right after (we'd recorded them both). By the end of the episode, I was laughing non-stop, harder and harder and harder. Plus, I have a major girl-crush on Liz Lemon. And sometimes Will Arnett is in it, in case you miss Gob like I do, and when he's in it, I laugh even harder.

Seriously. You need to give it a try. At least until The Office gets back on track. If it ever does.

(Sorry I can be skeptical. I still maintain that the British way of doing things is best. They're not afraid to create a show, write it beginning to end, and actually air the story beginning to end. The American way is to create a show that can keep on going until it sucks so bad that its ratings plummet and then they end the show when no one is watching it or liking it anyway. Imagine if the creators of Lost had decided to tell a story from beginning to end! It would have been a compelling, amazing, gripping, cool show from beginning to end, instead of the current suck-fest that it is, making up "plot" as they go along.)


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

I concur. 30 rock really is a great show, the Amadeus references in that episode were so well done especially Dr. Spaceman's gallop to the vending machine

reno said...

Yes. YES! On all accounts. This American Life "Breakups" was fantastic. 30 Rock is great. One of my favorites from Liz Lemon:

Please don't ever say the word "lovers" unless it's between "meat" and "pizza."

stupidramblings said...

I was especially disturbed by Jim's morphing into Michael when he asked Oscar to come with him to talk to the cleaning crew. That's twice now we've seen foreshadowing that Jim is turning into Michael.

Then I remembered my online handle and realized this is way too pensive for me.

Anyone know how I can contact Lord Voldemort?

Carly said...

I just have to come out of lurker-ville and comment because I agree with you on every point!

That episode of TAL is my absolute favorite and the first one I ever heard. Also, they're doing this live broadcast thing to theaters around the country, which seems like it will be cool, but they are sold out now here in Boston... boo. Didn't know if you'd heard about it.

Also, love the Office and LOVE 30 Rock. I agree that the Office has gone downhill since the strike, but I'm hoping that's because (so I've heard) they are trying to fit all the plot lines they had planned into the last few episodes before the season ends. It makes it really jummbled though. And I too have a girl crush on Liz Lemon (what a great name btw, I always say it in my head the way Tracy Jordan says it... so funny).

And also, maybe you could try for books you want to listen to. It's a free site where people record books that are in the public domain, so not only are you becoming more cultured because they are all like classics, but you get more cultured, for free! Sometimes the people reading don't have the best voices for that kind of thing, but there are some people who are fabulous. I listen to them on my iPod (they have this handy thing where you can subscribe in iTunes and then you just download all the chapters and it uploads when you sync your iPot), but you could also burn them onto a CD to listen in your car. And again it's free! So even better!

Sorry for such a long post. I've been reading your blog for a while and I think it's great.

spart said...

I know what you mean about shows dying slow deaths. I fear my greatest love, CSI, is leaning that way. Warrick is leaving the show (having been fired by CBS, maybe for drug usage), and Sara left (my heart is broken), and Grissom's got a contract with tons of out-clauses and time off specifications. I hated Seinfeld for going off the air at its peak, but now I see it actually might work better that way.

I don't want it stretched out like ER has been. That would just be painful to watch.

Tori said...

[hi I don't really know you, but I read your blog, so I blog know you]
That is seriously my favorite part of 30 husband and I quote it all the time...mostly joking about making mix tapes... but I totally agree with what you are saying about the office, hilarious post!

Saule Cogneur said...

I thought exactly the same thing about The Office and 30 Rock. I don't think Lost has transformed into a suck fest however. It's not what it started out to be for sure, but I don't much care because it's still better written than any other "drama" that's on TV right now.

TOWR said...

See, I thought last week's Office was pretty good. I literally gasped and covered my mouth with my hand at one point. (I think you know where...)

I'm chuckling thinking about how many people are reading Gob the wrong way. Is it wrong that I have a strange crush on him? I mean come on! I've made a terrible mistake...

Shop Girl* said...

I was a reluctant watcher of 30 rock. I am a die hard office fan and I didn't really want any new shows.

And then I watched it. And it is SO SO much better!!!! I heart it. Greatly. And the Phil Collins line was pretty much my favourite ever.

Jon Boy said...

While I was watching it, I thought the last episode of The Office was not bad—some very funny parts, some parts that were sort of boring and uninteresting. I've just never thought Ryan was an interesting character, and going corporate hasn't helped that. And the show always suffers a bit when it doesn't actually focus on the office.

shan & andrew said...

Ooooh I love This American Life!

When I was a senior in high school I had my first real boyfriend and "groovy kind of love" was our song. After we broke up I was a bit obsessed with Phil (I'm not anymore), so this episode brings back ol' memories! lol!

And I agree about The Office- I'll have to start watching 30 Rock.

christovich79 said...

Phil Collins is probably the man of my dreams. Or me... in somebody else's dream(s).