I should know better.

So a word of advice to you all. When your coworker comes into your office and gradually your office is filled with a very strong, distinctive, non-food smell, don't scrunch up your nose and say, "What is that smell?"

To my credit, my brain process went something like this:

Someone just put something in the microwave outside my office.
I smell an odor. It's getting stronger.
It doesn't smell like food.
Is it coming from the microwave?
It doesn't smell like food.
Is someone cooking something that's not food in the microwave?
Does someone's food smell like not-food?
Is it coming from outside??

At that point, I asked, "What is that smell?"

She said, "I think it's meeeee! Does it smell eucalyptus-y?"

Turns out it was a cream that she'd just put on her legs. And luckily enough, we are friends, and so we just ended up laughing and laughing and laughing at my faux-pas.

Also, as an aside, I own the shirt that Pam was wearing in last night's episode of The Office. Of course, she didn't wear it with something underneath, because she wasn't going to a Christmas party in the movie, like I was here. But I'd like to think that she probably would have worn this pictured winning combo, too. (The shirt is from Banana Republic, unlike most of my wardrobe, which is from Target [like the shirt that I'm wearing underneath the pink sweater], which makes me know that she really was wearing the same shirt. Also, I have a shirt from J Crew that Cameron wore in House. So when I spend more money on clothes, you know for sure that I'm buying really cool items. Oh, and I look just like Pam and Cameron when I wear those shirts. Just so you know.)


Nemesis said...

Hahahah. I'm actually more impressed by your shirt. I mean, how cool are YOU for wearing the same shirt as Pam? This means that Jim might love you. Or me.

Also props to the costume department for putting her in seasons-old BR items.

Cicada said...

They probably bought it before the writer's strike...

AzĂșcar said...

I used to work at Banana Republic.

A lot of costume designers buy from Banana Republic so you'll see all kinds of their clothing on TV. It was a really fun couple of years to see things I owned, or that I had bought my husband, on TV.

AzĂșcar said...

p.s. I forgot to mention that they purchase items and put them in the general wardrobe so you will see a couple seasons represented on TV and film.

p.p.s. I noticed the shirt last night and it was really cute as it is on you.

Jon Boy said...

I will now forever be self-conscious of the way I smell when I come in to your office.

Murray Terreno di Amore said...

If you are as cool as Pam, maybe with my messenger bag that you gave me, I might be as cool as Jim....

...or not. I wish *I* could one of your TV crushes too, but alas, I am not on TV....yet.

Cicada said...

Murray, you are my movie crush. You were definitely my favorite in Saints and Soldiers.

Unt mine eye! It huuuurts!

TOWR said...

The funny thing is that I saw that shirt and thought, "Man, that's a cute shirt."

Nicely done.