My Murray

A little over a year ago, Murray emailed me for the first time. Isn't that great? In his email, he sent me a few things to give me an idea of who he was, including a video of some of his illustration work. In the video I saw and fell in love with an old man.

I didn't know who this Murray fellow was, but I knew for sure that I wanted a print of that old man. I debated and debated requesting a print of it, and finally worded it in a way that I felt was not very offensive (because, really, it is difficult to ask someone to give you some of their art for free).

And then I never got a print. I mean, sure, I'm happy I married the guy and all, but what about the print that I requested??

Well, a year to the day that I requested the print, I woke up in the morning and Murray announced that he had something for me. He went and got me the old man. As I gazed lovingly into his googley eyes, I mused where I might put it. And Murray was quick to tell me that I had initially mentioned putting it in my office, and really, it was more of an office thing, not a house thing.

So now this googley eyed old man is my new coworker. And he's already gotten a few very curious comments from people around the office.


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

It's a bizarre that a creation of mine could compete with your affections.

I am glad you enjoy him.

brinestone said...

I love it!

TOWR said...

That Murray... He's a keeper!

Maman Pélissié said...

I am laughing so hard, having just left my last class with "Murray." I love it!

Mary said...

I think he copied a picture of my dad. Am I right?

Mary said... took me three tries to post my comment. That word verification process is tricky, i say!