I Love Equality.

When I called El Senor to tell him that Murray had surprised me with something this weekend, El Senor guessed that it might be an iPod nano.

It was not, in fact, an iPod nano.

It was an iPhone.

And when I revealed that to El Senor, he said, "You. Are. A. Tit." And then the phone hung up. He might claim that AT&T dropped our call, but aren't they the network with the fewest dropped calls? Yeah. I thought so. He hung up on me then.

As soon as the iPhones went down in price, Murray rushed out to buy one. He is a Mac addict and I support his habit because I benefit from his purchases. I had never wanted or needed an iPhone until I started using Murray's. It took me about one day to start referring to it as "my phone."

This is what made me lust after the iPhone, in order:

1) Constant Access to Google Maps. This doesn't just mean getting extra help in where we're going (Murray and I are notoriously directionally challenged). It means typing in a business name, seeing all the push pins appear to mark the business locations, and having instant access to each business's phone number and web site. And being able to immediately access the business's web site.

Take last night for example. We were in the mood for Mexican food. So I typed in the words "Mexican Restaurant" and got these push pins all over Salt Lake City. And then I swooned.

2) Weather Watch---I am able to just pick up my phone and get the forecast. That is especially crucial to me right now as I get to choose which sweater best matches the predicted weather patterns.

3) Constant Internet Access. Who ever knew I needed it? But I do! Oh, I do! Plus, I can check everyone's blogs while I'm out! Hooray!

This is what makes me an addict now that I have one, and wonder how I lived a functional life before it:

1) Visual Voice Mail. If you know me, you know that I hate receiving voice mail. That is no longer true. Please feel free to leave me any voice mail any time. I just hated having to always go through a menu. "Press seven to delete," etc. Now, I see who left a message. I tap the message and it plays. And then I can tap "delete" to delete it. No menu. At all. It's revolutionary.

2) Conversation Text Messaging. Text messages are organized by contact. You open up ALL text messages from that person, and you can see both your outgoing messages and your contact's incoming messages, in different colored speech bubbles. So, so pretty.

3) Email on the Go. My phone collects my email. So last night, when Switchback emailed to say that she's going to be in town next weekend and needs to stay with me, I was able to be excited immediately, and not postpone my excitement for the next morning when I would have checked my email.

4) Notes. Of course, I could have always written notes in my planner... but it's a lot cooler to write them in my iPhone. I currently have a list of ideas for blog posts so that I don't forget the stuff I've been thinking about blogging.

5) Calendar. Of course, I could have always used my planner, but it's a lot cooler to write my appointments in my iPhone. Especially during church. It really makes me look like I am a high-tech organized person, as opposed to a low-tech organized person, and I really really care about what everyone at church thinks of me.

6) Camera. My last two phones had cameras, but it's not like they took good pictures or anything. This phone takes photos that don't look all pixelly. So now I always have a camera with me.

You may have noticed that I haven't even talked about the iPod features. That's because I haven't even loaded anything onto it yet. But when I do, I'll have videos, movies, tv shows, and music all at my fingertips. It's so beautiful. It's so wonderful. I'm so addicted already.

What was Murray's excuse for giving me an iPhone? Well, he decided that as a couple, we are supposed to be equal. So we both need iPhones. Of course, when I showed him my old phone and how many dings it has from being dropped, his face clouded over and he said, "You need to change your perception of what it is you're carrying here." Later he added, "Until we have children, These. Are. Our. Children."


Jenny said...

Wow. I feel so lucky to know you.

spart said...

*swoon* indeed.

I covet your iPhone. Only right in this moment, for this moment only, I hate Canada.

daltongirl said...

I love Murray. And not because he bought you an iPhone, although that was certainly nice of him. I love him because he so gently and sweetly expressed his concern that you don't treat your electronics right, without making you feel stupid.

I don't care so much about equality, unless daltonboy gets an iPhone first. THEN it's important to me.

Squirrel Boy said...

Damn you, Cicada!

Sakhmet said...

It's a good thing that Murray believes in equality b/c when I saw your phone on Sunday night I thought, "Man, life is really not fair." (But let's be honest: an iPhone would be wasted on me anyway, so I'm glad you won the prize!)

Aoi Sakura said...

I never really thought that iPhones were that good...until I read your post. Now I really want one. I was saving up for an iPod, might as well wait a bit longer and get an iPhone! And then I wouldn't have to carry around both my phone and my mp3 player!

NF said...

After reading your post--it's now official.



AzĂșcar said...

I want an iPhone, but not enough to ever, ever go back to AT&T. We had a bad breakup (which is sad, because we had eight really good years.) AT&T brought home Cingulair and announced that they were dating. "But...but..what about me?" I said.

"Yeah, we don't care about you anymore. In fact, just to show you just how far eight years of loyalty go around these parts, we'll mess with your head until you breakup with us."

And wouldn't you know it, that's exactly what happened.

So my love, desire, and lust over the beautiful electronic phone and music devices must lie dormant.

M. Paul Bailey said...

I too have acquired an iPhone. I can finally, for once in my life, say that I have in fact found true love.

ambrosia ananas said...

Hurrah! Good for you. It looks really cool.

Nemesis said...

I'm with azucar. I can be jealous of all your cool features, but I must also be against the iPhone on principle, since they made Pact with the Devil to reduce the choice and rights of consumers.

I can comfort myself with this knowledge as long as I don't have to watch you and your iPhone together, which might prove too much for me.

Cicada said...

As far as cell phone companies go, I think you just have to pick your poison. You will hear horror stories about every single company that exists. I've never heard 100% positive comments about any one company.

Cingular/AT&T and I had kindof a rough time switching from AT&T to Cingular, to tell the truth. And then, after I'd finally gotten used to calling them Cingular, they went back to AT&T. Which then made me mad all over again that I had such trials during the initial switchover, if they were just going to switch it back a couple years later anyway. Jerks.

But the fact is that my whole family are on AT&T/Cingular, which means that I basically never use my minutes ever, because most of my phone calls are free mobile-to-mobile minutes. And then all my unused minutes keep rolling over and over and over again (thanks for that, Cingular!) so basically I never, EVER have to worry about minutes. Because I have sooooo many of them.

Anyway. It's like I say. You pick your poison. And I was just lucky enough to already be an AT&T customer, so getting the iPhone was really a non-issue.

And seriously, seriously, I love my iPhone.

AzĂșcar said...

I hear you, Cicada. It helped that my whole family had already moved to T-Mobile. But when they sent me to collections the same day that I received a check for the exact amount...

In other news, did you hear about the NJ teenager who hacked the iPhone? my favorite part of the story is his mom saying, "I made the pizzas, yeah, because sometimes he was really glued to his computer and his phone and very involved. So yes, I brought his food to his room."

jennie said...

Yeah! I finally got to your blog! Super cute, by the way, and congrats on the new phone!

Petra said...

Sweet jealousy, iPhones are cool. You lucky, lucky girl.

Jordy said...

iPhone Schmiphone!

The Holyoaks said...

wow. i am so out of the technological loop.