A Call for Help

Okay, people. I really need you to help me out here. My mom came to town to help out with wedding stuff this past week. For the week, I had three main priorities:

1) Find a dress.
2) Find a caterer.
3) Finalize flowers.

We accomplished one out of three. (dress)

The catering thing is proving more difficult than we'd thought. We'd like to provide a light buffet meal (the reception will be from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm) for a reasonable cost.

Last night, we had two appointments for caterers. The first was at 6:30. We very punctually arrived at the business location... in a very industrial (read: sketchy) area of Provo. The business itself looked rough and had about four car seats leaning up against the building, and barbecues and cooking tools strewn about the parking lot. Also? No one was there. For our 6:30 appointment. We called and left a message.

Then we headed to Jason's Deli, which caters. We had dinner and looked over their catering menu and didn't take long to realize that they weren't for us, either. Too lunchy. And we'd have to serve everything ourselves; they'd only drop off the food.

Our next appointment was for 8:00. As we arrived to the caterer's home, she was pulling out of her driveway. She stopped her car and asked if she could help us. We explained that we had an appointment with her. For 8:00. Which we'd confirmed the night before. Unfortunately, there was an error in their communication lines, so she never quite got the message. She had us come into her home and called her business partner and we met with them.

The trouble there was that the company is a wedding planning company that has only recently branched out to include catering. So although I thought we were there to discuss food, we started the meeting looking at pictures of flowers on styrofoam columns. When we got talking about food, the women were very eager to please and willing to consider anything we had in mind. Their menu was small, but anything we suggested, they were willing to tackle. But some things that they said didn't necessarily inspire trust. Like when I suggested a spinach salad with pears, walnuts, gorgonzola, etc., she said that I must be reading the same magazines that she's reading because she came across that idea, too. I just thought it was a pretty... well-known sort of winning combination. Not a recipe that one comes across in a magazine. Also, when we mentioned a pasta salad, she asked if we'd like that to be mayo-based or olive-oil-based (need one ask?). We said olive oil and my mom suggested that it be made with nice olives. She said, "Oh yes, with calamari olives" which made me wonder if they had tentacles. (She meant "Kalamata olives.")

We really liked the women who were willing to work with us, but we'd also be interested in exploring some caterers who may be a little more experienced.

Suggestions, people? Please? We've already chosen (and paid for) a venue that doesn't provide catering, so we need someone who will just cater.


Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog today and I actually know good caterers.

I don't know about their prices at all, but Marvellous Catering in Provo does a great job! I know the family and I've also had their food at friends' weddings and work functions. Really good food.

Cicada said...

Thank you anonymous! Marvelous Catering was one that we had information for but hadn't set up an appointment yet. It's good to have a recommendation!

brinestone said...

I don't know what your price range is, but the Old Meeting House in Holladay makes really good food. Though they're primarily a venue and not a caterer. But you pay by the plate and get the venue (which is very pretty) for free. Then again, you mentioned 400 invitations or so, which might bring the cost up. Jon Boy's sister had her luncheon/reception there for cheaper than my reception (uncatered in a ward building), but she only invited 100 people. Anyway, take that information for what it's worth.

C. said...

You should talk to Buffy about this. She got married in Utah. I'll send you her email address.

Miss Hass said...

I have no tips. Only good vibes to send. Good luck!!

abby said...

I always liked the idea of a Costco wedding reception.

Kristeee said...

One of my favorites is Northampton House in American Fork - they'll do the food (which is soo good, even the cheap meal), flowers (and their flower guy is excellent), music, and the location -and it's pretty there. It seems a bit expensive, but my mom and I pieced together my wedding and it was only cheaper by 1200 or so.

My wedding flowers were done at Plum Flower Lane in North Orem and they did a wonderful job (801) 785-7306.

AzĂșcar said...

I have been very impressed by a woman named Charlene Mayne. I'll mail you her number instead of posting it.

The Flower Basket, at 409 N. University in Provo does amazing, unique work.

daltongirl said...

If you want Hawaiian food, I know someone good. And probably quite affordable. But I don't know if a luau was what you had in mind.

Also, how do you know Anonymous doesn't actually WORK for Marvelous Catering? That could be tricky trick you should watch out for.

Ginsberg said...

"Calamari olives"!!! That would be a Spaniard's dream come true: two Spanish food obsessions, "calamar" (fried squid rings) and "aceitunas" (green olives), together at last! That would basically be like "fish n' chips custard" for a British person or "cheeto twinkies" for an American. Wow, that sounds horrible. So yeah, this comment had nothing to do with your post. I'm like that.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog just the other day, and noticed you didn't say anything about your photographer. I thought I'd offer this information just in case you forgot this critical part of the planning process. I know the prices are right. Hope this helps:


Congratulations on your impending marriage.