Oops, I did it again!

Two years ago, my mom sent a package and included an old, smelly, garbage blanket as padding. I was expected to throw away the blanket. Instead, I thought it would make a great picnic blanket, so I washed it, ran out and bought six yards of fabric for $6 and covered the blanket. Unfortunately, I really, really liked the blanket when I was done with it. I made coordinating pillows with the leftover fabric and really, really liked the whole set. Even though it was really inexpensive to make, I decided my blanket was worth more than just a picnic blanket and I used it on my bed for the next year and a half. (Featured in this post.)

A year ago, my mom sent a package and included another old, smelly, garbage blanket as padding. I noticed that it was exactly like the first one. How many of these blankets does she have lying around? This time I wasn't going to mess it up: I was going to take that blanket and make it into a picnic blanket for sure. Unfortunately, a year ago I was in school and had no access to a sewing machine. I decided a jean quilt would be the best option, so I made a collection of jeans, but then that collection of jeans just sat cut into squares, but unsewed because, as I mentioned, I had no access to a sewing machine and I was busy with school anyway.

This winter, I started sewing that jean quilt just a little. In fact, I even bought that padding stuff for the middle of it, negating altogether my need for the garbage blanket that my mom had sent.

So yesterday, when I went home from work early because I'd already put in a good twelve hours of overtime, I looked out at the sunshine and decided I needed to go out and get cheap fabric and make a picnic blanket (I was in the mood for sewing four sides of fabric together---not of sewing little squares of denim together). I hopped on my bike, drove to the local fabric store (I drove to Walmart, but since so many who read my blog hate Walmart, I've decided to call it "the local fabric store") and promised myself to look only in the dollar fabric section. I picked out two fabrics that would make a great picnic blanket because I wasn't in love with either of them.

But when I went to have it cut, another fabric just happened to catch my eye. It wasn't a dollar a yard, but I had to have it anyway. And I convinced myself that I'd have the heart to make it into a picnic blanket and use it as such. So I bought that fabric.

And then I put it home and put it on my bed and realized that it matched my room colors exactly. And then I realized that I had leftover fabric from covering my shelves, so I could use that as the backing instead of crappy backing fabric that I bought.

And five hours later (don't ask me why it takes five hours to sew four sides of fabric together---it got a little more complicated than that, and besides which, I had to sew buttons on the middle to keep both sides of the blanket together) I had the cutest, most darlingest picnic blanket. On my bed. In my bedroom. That I will never actually use as a picnic blanket.



brinestone said...

What, we don't get to see pictures of it on your bed in your room? I'm dying here!

C. said...

So somebody when I'm rich and famous (or maybe I'd settle for just being rich) I'm going to have you come be my interior decorator. With the fabrics that you've designed yourself, of course.

Cicada said...

Brinestone, silly. It is on my bed in my room. Can't you tell?

Okay, okay. I know what you're getting at. Today I actually used it in a park. But I decided that the best solution would be to buy more fabric and reupholster the accent chair in my room. It makes it more of an accent, really. When I get that finished, I promise to post new bedroom pictures.

C, I think I really suck at decorating other people's spaces. Well... I've never really tried it, but I think that I would suck because when I decorate my own space, I need to think about what I'm going to do for months and months and ideas come slowly...

C. said...

If I'm really rich enough to be able to pay you to be my interior designer, I'm sure that I'd be rich enough to be patient as well. :)

Rachel said...
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Natalie said...

You should just have a picnic on your bed, and then you've got a win-win-win!

Th. said...


I hate Walmart.

TheMoncurs said...

I usually just lurk on your blog, but today, I had to comment.

I fell in love with that EXACT SAME Wal-Mart fabric.

I used it to make cushions for my newly redesigned living room and I love it to pieces!

You have excellent taste.