Date Shopping

Today after work, I went date shopping. The funny (read: pointless) thing about buying a new outfit for a date with someone you've never met is that all of your clothes and outfits are new to your date, so really you can just wear anything.

Today's shopping started with a trip to Nordstrom to buy a bra. Not because my date's going to get lucky or anything, but because I really just needed a new bra. From Nordstrom, I went to Gap because I had actually already chosen my outfit online before making the trip to buy it. The shopping trip was going to be expensive (bra=$60, pants=$50, shirt=$40) but worth it because not only was the outfit going to be good for the date, it was going to be good for work.

I carefully chose a nice pair of white summer pants and a striped blue shirt, but when I got to the store, I found out they didn't have the pants in my size. Neither did any other Gaps in town. They had the shirt, but I wasn't going to buy the shirt if I couldn't have the pants.

I set out to find another pair of white pants and I swear to you, I visited almost every store in existence. The whole experience was ridiculous and absolutely fruitless. Do you want the list of stores I visited?

Banana Republic
J Crew
Ann Taylor
American Eagle
Charlotte Russe
White House | Black Market
Old Navy
TJ Maxx

Of course, many of these stores had white pants, but none that fit me like the Gap's white pants would have fit me (also, the pants are no longer available online in my size either, so I can't even buy them online and wear them on another occasion). It's sad that ultimately, Target actually had great white pants (and I had a gift card to Target) but they were also sold out of my size.

In the end, the shopping trip ended up being a lot cheaper than I expected, but I feel that I've at least invested some good time into this date. You see, date dressing is difficult---especially if it's someone you're meeting for the very first time.

First of all, I'm sorry to say, but you have no guarantee that it's even worth the investment. If you're just meeting the person for the first time, chances are fairly good that you'll get together, enjoy a good meal, and ultimately decide that you didn't really click. It's best when this feeling is mutual. It's better when you mutually feel that you did click. But let's be honest---that doesn't happen very often in encounters such as this.

Second of all, you have to dress nicely in a planned outfit, but you have to dress carefully. You don't want to overdress for the event and make your date feel like a schmuck. You don't want to underdress for the event and feel like a schmuck. You also don't want to dress like the girl you're doubling with. (Nat has informed me that she'll be wearing a blue shirt, jeans, and red shoes. I warned her that there's a fair chance that I, too, will be wearing red shoes.) Currently, I have overdressing and underdressing ideas.

Overdressing: I like a bunch of skirts that I have right now. I like a bunch of button-up shirts that I have right now. However, I would comfortably wear any of these outfits to church, and I don't want to go on a date in a church outfit.

Underdressing: I like my most recent Threadless purchases, most specifically my Lions Are Smarter Than I Am t-shirt. But I figure if I wear that, it may as well be an I Don't Give A Damn About You t-shirt. Of course, if I really wanted to send the "I don't give a damn" message, I would wear the Bob Saget t-shirt that Redras made for me, letting him know that Bob Saget is the only man who does it for me.

Unless I get some flashes of retail inspiration tomorrow and find a new outfit to buy, I'll probably end up wearing nice jeans and a button-up tuxedo shirt. I'm sure you can never go wrong showing up for a first date in a tuxedo.


natali said...

i might go to nordstrom tomorrow and get new shoes. if so i might not wear red shoes in which case you can wear your read shoes. i will keep you posted so we can plan accordingly.

Cicada said...

I probably should have added Nordstrom to my list of stores, b/c that's where I bought my bra. But I didn't look for pants there. I considered writing another post about where I hate shopping. Nordstrom is the type of place where I will only shop for specific items: shoes, bras, Clinique. All other stuff isn't worth my time or money at Nordstrom.

And yes, please let me know about the shoes. I wouldn't want to wear anything that clashes. I might wear my skull shoes...

natali said...

so you are saying i can safely wear my tshirt with the dagger going through the heart?

Cicada said...

It depends on what message you think that will send your date. You have the advantage of knowing your date, so I guess what you wear isn't as crucial. But yes, it's safe to assume that if you wear that, I won't be wearing anything similar. In fact, I think it's safe to assume that you can wear a lot of things that won't be similar to anything I'll be wearing. I like your style (minus the skulls and hearts and daggers) but you may or may not have noticed that clothes fit you differently than they fit me. It's one of life's cruel tricks, really.

natali said...

i have really been working on my style lately. this is what is consists of. me throwing some clothes in a bag that i know i like and then putting them on. i am bringing homeless back.

FoxyJ said...

You are braver than I am. For some reason I have never dared to wear white pants, let alone buy a pair and own it. I don't know what scares me so much about them...

bedelia said...

I agree with foxyj, white pants terrify me. And I hate word verification because I can't ever get the letters right on the first or second try. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Rachel said...
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daltongirl said...

Unless your date is wearing an aquamarine dress and you tried to match your tux with it using a cell phone picture. That might not work out as well as you'd hoped.

Also, I hope your date doesn't show up in a dress. That would be the most awkward of all.

bedelia: I'm SO with you! I usually have to try that word verification thing like three times, and by the time I finally get it right, I'm feeling like a total idiot, and that my comment wasn't even worth it.

Fat-Bottomed Girl said...

Bedelia & FoxyJ: I completely support you in your decision to stay away from white pants. Cicada's post inspired me to go try on the white linen pants that I bought at the end of last summer (Did I ever show them to you, Cicada?) and have never worn because I thought they made my butt look big. And guess what? They STILL make my butt look big. What the crap was I thinking when I bought them? They're WHITE PANTS. They're never going to conceal my curvy behind. Why didn't I return them when I had the chance? It's too bad we don't live in the same city, Cicada--I'd give them to you and I'm sure your bum would look cute and perky in them. And with the blue striped shirt and the red shoes, you'd be adorable. Not that you aren't already adorable.

natali said...

i am wearing the red shoes. is this ok??? we can match. also i am toning down my usual style. i might try matching to the best of my ability so your date doesnt think you have weird friends. blue and red match right?

Cicada said...

Foxy, I wouldn't want to wear them as a mother... you're probably making the right choice.

Bedelia, I also hate word verification and I'm really glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has to enter the word numerous times. Sometimes, I think, "Ooo! This is an easy font! I'll get it for sure!" and then I don't.

Fat-Bottomed Girl: I don't remember the pants. I just remember Viper going off all summer on how linen was wonderful, so I think that if you bought linen pants, it's probably because of his influence.

DG: If my date shows up in a dress, then at least he makes it really easy to determine that we don't click. And I'd have an easy out: "I'm sorry. I'm just not into men who dress like women. I'm kindof weird that way."

Nat: Currently I'm wearing navy pants and a white shirt with red shoes. It's fairly patriotic. If I leave straight from work, this is what I'll be wearing. If I go home first, I'll probably be wearing jeans, a cream-colored black polka dot tuxedo shirt, and red shoes. Now you're warned. Do what you think is wisest.

AzĂșcar said...

I'll tell you a secret:
Blogger has set a time out on the comments page so that if you spend too long on the page you will need to refresh before commenting. That's why even if you enter the verification PERFECTLY you may have to enter it again after the page refreshes. This problem only emerged with the new Blogger.

So rest assured, it's not you, it's the time out.

Back to the topic at hand.
I like white pants.

I also think too much about what I should be wearing to certain events. Other Half helped me realize that most guys aren't paying that close attention to what we are wearing and what it says about the date. They think either a.) she looks good or b.) she doesn't look good.

Noelle F. said...

That must be a DANG good bra if you're willing to drop 60 bones for it.

Is it a magic bra? What brand is this wonder bra?

I say that, seriously, because I'm very anti-bra and can't EVER find one that fits me correctly. Or that I like. Or that the straps don't fall off my shoulder ALL THE DAY LONG.

Cicada said...

Noelle, you should get a bra fitting. Go to Nordstrom or Dillards and ask for a professional bra fitter. She'll measure you and tell you what size you actually are and then she'll go out and find you a bunch of options to try on. BELIEVE me, if you get a proper bra, you won't have to deal with falling-down straps. You only will drop sixty bucks on a bra if you're large-busted and need extra support.

And the bra that I got was worth it. I can now wear button-up shirts without having to wear a vest or sweater on top.

Noelle F. said...

OK, well then I best start getting my 60 bucks together! B/C I'm there on BOTH COUNTS!

I don't live anywhere near a Dillards (have heard of them though) but I do think there is a Nordstrom in Santa Barbara. It might be VERY WORTH a trip up there. :) Thanks for the tip!

Cicada said...

Just need to comment on my own post... turns out I'm going to marry this guy. Cool. Definitely worth any clothing investment I might have made.