Beta Room

I know that I haven't posted lately, and you probably are thinking that I've been busy doing fun, amazing things. And you'd be right. For the past two weeks, I've been working on fixing up my bedroom---finally. Since moving in, I've focused a lot on the main room and I've completely neglected my bedroom because I had no idea what to do with it.

I finally got an idea, and I've been working towards that. I have pictures that I'd love to share, but you have to understand that this is still a beta room. (Please note that my bedroom is not the master bedroom, so you cannot call my room a master beta. El Senor's room is the master beta.) It's a concept that I like and that I'm working with, but there are still lots of things I want to do with it.

First I started with my love of dark wood on green. I'm picky about my shades of green, so I found one that worked for me. Next, I realized that the green went very well with maroon and dusty rose colors, so I covered some old wood shelves with fabric in those shades. Luckily, the dresser I already own is purple, so that works. I've been buying a few accents (if you don't know about Home Goods yet, you need to find out about it because that's where I've done a lot of my shopping---the mirror on the dresser cost me $30) and I'll have to acquire a few more things before this room is done. Read my to-do list if you're interested, and scroll further down to see the beta pictures!

  • I'll be upgrading my twin to a full bed, probably in April.
  • I'll be changing the window treatments. I'll have a dark brown blind and sheer whispy drapes to hang to either side of the bed.
  • I need to acquire pictures to put on my walls.
  • I'll probably buy a large shelving unit to go on the far wall.
  • I'll replace the bowl chair with a chair that takes less space; possibly something like this, but less expensive.
  • I'll make decorative bed pillows, probably in pinks and maroons, possibly out of felt.


C. said...

Ooh, I likey very muchy. My true calling in life was to be an interior decorator, but seeing people do fun things like this is almost as good!

Rachel said...
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Nemesis said...

I am in awe of you and your style. That looks so amazing.

Th. said...


Well gee whiz. I came over here specifically to rail on you for not posting anymore and what do I find? A post. My life sucks.

Or maybe it's good.

I'm not sure.

Th. said...


Oh! And: looks good.

Brinestone said...

Very nice! Good luck with the to-do's. It's nice when you actually have money and space that's your own, isn't it?

Squirrel Boy said...

Wow! Very nice, Cicada.

ambrosia ananas said...

Looks great!

mel said...

Any rug plans?

Cicada said...

Mel, it's carpeted. Can one do rug on carpet? I'd rather just persuade my brother to put hardwood in my bedroom. I'll never have any luck with that, though.

The update is that I've just bought the new chair and the window treatments. Sweet.

metamorphose said...

I heart the green. Sing it sistah.

AzĂșcar said...

You can do rug over rug, just make sure you put a rug pad under the area rug.

That's a lot of "rugs" in one phrase.

daltongirl said...

Love the green! Must check out Home Goods. Still wouldn't mind input on my situation.

Rug on rug is definitely doable. Would you like me to weave you one? They usually take me about two years each to make.

M. Paul Bailey said...

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