Several years ago, when El Senor graduated from BYU, my family took an unexpected trip to St. George when we found out that my grandma was sick and had gone into the hospital. Since much of our extended family had congregated to St. George, we had to stay in a hotel instead of my grandparents' home. My parents and I stayed in one room. The boys stayed in the room beside ours. Sunday morning, Dad called the other room to make sure that the boys were awake and getting ready for the day.

Dad: Are you kids all up?

Other room: Yes.

Dad: Well what are you doing?

Other room: I'm still waiting for the shower.

Dad: Well, who's in the shower now?

Other room: Toady.

Dad: [frustrated] Well, which of your brothers is Toady?

Other room: [in a whiney voice] He dee only brudder I got!

Dad: Uh, okay then. Good bye.

Then he hung up the phone and called the right room.

It's a family classic story. Now, years later, we still find it funny to say, "Toady? He dee only brudder I got!"


Stupidramblings said...

Where did you find the pictures of Hanity and Colmes? I've been looking all over the internet for that...

Limon said...

That picture really made me laugh out loud. And then the story was the icing on the cake. Thanks for brightening my life.

The Divine Miss A said...

Still laughing from the story. Still laughing . . . hard to type. Ha!