The Boy will learn that what goes around comes around. Today, I came home to find a family-sized package of Lever 2000 on my bed. If you read Irish Spring, you'd know that our apartment didn't actually need new soap until 2007, but there it was, a whole package of Lever 2000 on my bed. This, from the brother who says he doesn't read my blog.

Cicada: So... There's Lever 2000 on my bed. I didn't think we needed soap. Did you read my blog?

The Boy: Yeah, I read your blog.

Cicada: You know I was only joking, right? You really didn't have to go out and buy new soap.

The Boy: Yeah, I know. But I realized you were right. It really does smell like old man! In any case, we won't have to buy soap again for a very, very long time.

So since my brother is the sweetest boy alive, I did him a favor tonight. On his way out the door to work, he noticed that Brother 2 had left his dinner leftovers on our stove. The Boy didn't have time to put them into Tupperware and into the fridge himself, so he asked me to do it. I really did not want to remove myself from the couch all night (indeed, it's where I'm sleeping tonight) but my motivation finally came when I remembered the soap on my bed. I got up, and lovingly put the leftovers in a tupperware container and put them in the fridge.

In related news, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm experiencing a little bit of karma here myself. For the first time in my history of blogging, a post has gone more than 24 hours without comment. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that I haven't been diligent about reading and/or commenting on everyone else's blog... Or maybe it wasn't even remotely an exciting post. I'll try to post pictures of me in a bikini next time. Hopefully that will generate some feedback.


Nemesis said...

Aww . . . what a nice The Boy you have. And now that's 4,000 parts in your house that will be clean and not smelling of old Darby O'Gill-type men. Yay for you!

Tolkien Boy said...

I have a friend who wears old-man cologne. It's a bit distracting, and colors how I treat him.

ambrosia ananas said...

I congratulate you on no longer smelling like old man. Good job, the Boy.

redlaw said...

The lack of comment thing? I think it is that time of year...the lazy time. People are reading, but not commenting - I noticed the same thing chez-moi.

Eternal Youth of Antiquity said...

You amuse me! That's a good thing...so don't worry about whether or not people fail to comment...at least we're reading and thinking about your insights into this life! Keep up the great observational skills!

daltongirl said...

I wanted to comment on your last post, really. But Lola was here. So I couldn't.

Today it's different. She has resolved to make this a no-crying day. So I'm testing her. (Evil laugh.)


You ARE tops!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if getting off the couch to do a 2 minute job should really count as doing a big favor. I think you still owe the boy. So says brother 1.

me said...

Yeah, I've been super lazy about commenting since I got back to the Graduate School. I always end up reading blogs in the computer lab between classes. And by the time I get home, I've forgotten all those sassy comments I meant to write. Here's hoping the laziness goes away.