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Remember when Google posted how many web pages it searched at the bottom of its page? I was under the impression that the statistic was still there, but apparently it's not.

My point is that it used to say something like "searching 8 billion pages" or some such thing. And I thought that I'm mighty proud to be adding to that number. Just think of it. There are more web pages out there than there are human beings. Obviously, several billion people don't have a web page yet, and I'm not one of them. Phew! In honor of being a searchable web page, I'm going to post some of the most recent searches that have led to my humble little blog.

I'll never answer your phone call
Well, never say never. But you're getting the general idea: chances are slim. And I may have offended some people with that post. I don't think DP is ever going to call me again. Wait. He called me tonight. Never mind, then.

Irish Sping
I'm selling it. Authentic Irish Spring soap, partially used by an Irish brother and sister, for $50 a bar. Free shipping and handling.

Phone Anxiety
Ha! Other people out there have it, too, and they're researching it on my blog! Please remember to cite your sources. Don't plagiarize. It's spelled C-I-C-A-D-A.

"Season Five of 24"
And what a season it is! I'll say no more.

the boy are back in town song
Yes, the boy are back in town, and if you is really lucky, the boy call you because he love you.

Cicada Song
Still singing...

"New York Doll" + "Springville"
I'm willing to bet that you didn't actually find what you were looking for on my blog... I guess that's the trouble when there are, like, 8 billion web sites to have to search...

pene penne pronunciation
hehehehehehe. Looks like someone told you a story and you googled it to see if it is true. It's true.

Where to find Cicada in January
In Provo, of course!

So there you have it---How to find me through Google!

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