The Happy Bus

This morning I went to campus a half hour earlier than normal so that I could print some stuff and assemble a portfolio. Right now it's relatively cold and snowy here in Provo, so I put my hood over my head and waited for the bus.

The bus came to pick me up and I noticed as it approached me that the door was open. I was wondering if the bus driver expected me to board the moving bus, and I think that I may have even began my running start when the bus did actually come to a full stop. I boarded.

Then, on our way up 7th East, the bus driver would open the doors and invite anyone he saw walking up the street to catch a ride to the Wilkinson Center. It's funny to me that he would do it. It's even funnier that no one accepted his offer. Perhaps they thought they needed bus passes. I still don't know whether or not they did---I don't know if the bus driver was in the mood to let anyone on the bus, or if he was just reminding bus pass holders that they had the option of riding the warm bus all the way to campus. I'm just glad that I was on it.


JB said...

How could anyone say no to that? Man, it's been freezing outside lately!

photogenic said...

That warms my heart and restores my faith in bus drivers.

The word verification sounds like a wet whistling nerf football hit the wall. Or something.