The Crappy Bus

So after my experience on the happy bus, I got to ride the crappy bus today. Twice. In Provo, it's standard for the students to thank the bus driver every time they get on or off the bus. It's pretty standard for the bus driver to greet passengers---especially as they get on the bus and show their bus pass to the driver. There is usually some acknowledgement. A nod. A "good day." A "thank you." An "awww, your hair got all messed up" (standard greeting of my 3:30 bus driver). Something.

Today, my bus driver didn't even acknowlege that I got on the bus. He barely looked at my bus pass. I heard numerous students thank him as they got on or off the bus, and he never said anything to anyone. What a jerk.


ambrosia ananas said...

I hate UTA.

Squirrel Boy said...

You know, I never understood the thank-the-bus-driver thing. Maybe if more of the drivers were friendly, I would've been more inclined to thank them.

Anonymous said...

My bus driver always calls me sleepy head because I'm always running to catch the bus in the morning.

Mary said...

My bus driver is this lanky skinny man with a frizzy blond goatee and curl glasses. He's a terrible driver, I always get nauseated with his hard braking and all. Anyhoo, he NEVER acknowledges the passengers when they speak to him. We ALWAYS say thank you, he never says a word. I always wondered why. Does he think we don't mean it? Does he hate people? Does he find politeness offensive? Don't know. But I'm not stopping though. I'm gonna keep on thanking him. I'm gonna thank him till his head explodes. Preferably when he's at a full and complete stop.

Mary said...

For the record: I also have no idea what curl glasses are. What the...?

christovich79 said...

I think that if I got a job as a bus driver, weeks 4-12 would be rough. I probably wouldn't be that friendly until I got comfortable with the fact that I was, well, a friggin' bus driver.
Maybe people for whom it was always a dream to drive buses would find it easier to play Ms. Merrimack with each arriving passenger.
Is ambition evil?
Should I not be happy helping society in a small way (driving a bus)?
What are the answers?
Should I be dissppointed with a smart friend that drops out of school to become an automechanic or to work as a sales guy at Circuit City?
Is higher education for everybody?
Are you sinning if you don't push forward your formal education as long as you possibly can?