I know, I know. I've been an inactive blogger. Recently, Murray and I acquired a studio and that is now where we go to work. I work on MWF and Murray works on TTh. It's wonderful and very productive to get away from the house to work. But, I also feel that while I'm at the studio, I'm there to work, not blog. I'm so busy with work (which is a good thing! it's a good thing!) that I don't have time to write in my own blog or look at the blogs of others! (Sorry everyone!) And to help keep us from working at home, we've even pared down our home computers to just one laptop. (And two iPads and two iPhones... shhh!) It really helps with work! Because now, if it's 10:00pm and I have a project that I want to do work on, I really have to figure out whether it is something that I actually need to go into the studio to do, or if it's something that can wait till the next morning or the next work day. We've been working really really hard at creating boundaries between work and home.

And also? Our house is a wreck, but is slowly becoming unwrecked. Like today for example. I can spend a few hours catching you all up, OR I can keep washing and folding laundry. I won't even tell you how many huge IKEA bags we have full of clothes. I won't do it. Okay, I will. Seven. Seven IKEA bags full of laundry. (The good news is, about 4 of them are full of cleaned and folded clothes. Woot!) In other news, we will also be doing a major purging wherein we take a good look at all of those clothes and decide which ones we actually wear and want to keep.

Rooms in our home that are pretty clean on a regular basis:

Kitchen (although I'm getting the itch to do a pantry purge and I'm not going to lie---I'm really excited about it)

Gulliver's room

The Guest Room (which used to be the office)

The guest bathroom (which is my primary bathroom even though I'm not a guest... it gets cleaned because that gives me something to do while Gulliver takes his bath)

Rooms in our home that are moderately clean, but get cluttery sometimes:

Kitchen also fits into this category, actually.

Living room: Most everything in the living room has a home. But not everything. And the bookshelves could use a good purging where we clean them out of everything that should be at the studio. And our media could be better organized.

The laundry room. I should put this in the next category (rooms that I've given up for lost) except that I just barely cleaned it this morning and it looks a bazillion times better. It is amazing how happy a clean laundry room makes me.

Rooms that I've given up for lost:

Under the stairs closet. Yes, I'm counting it as a room. It seems like as much as I purge and organize this sucker, it never stays organized or functional.

The master bedroom. Ohhhh how I yearn for the day when it is clean. The problem is that the closet is currently unfunctional, which means that we actually don't have a good way to put away our clean clothes right now, which means that unless we tackle that closet tonight (hint hint, Murray) none of the laundry that I've been doing will make any impact on the cleanliness of our home. We need to PURGE PURGE PURGE of all the random stuff we've allowed ourselves to collect.

The master bathroom. Although the truth is that I believe given a large garbage sack and a good 45 minutes, I could have that puppy feng shui-ed out the wazoo. In fact, I'd love to do this tonight after Gulliver goes to bed and I'm home from a class I'm teaching. (Can you tell I'm in the mood to clean right now?)

The back yard. Also not technically a room (but about as large as one). The grass is dead. The paper wasps have invaded, infested, and asserted themselves as the main tenants. I just bought a yellow jacket trap that I was so sure was the answer to all our problems that I even dreamt about its effectiveness last night. But this morning, when I set it up, I read what the difference between a yellow jacket and a paper wasp is, and oh by the way although they look almost identical, this trap does NOT work on paper wasps, and we only tell you that on the inner packaging that you can only read once you have opened our product and disassembled the whole thing to be able to get the insert.

So. That is the status of our cleanliness life right now. Business is good. Our weight is bad. But now that we feel we've got a great system for work, we can start to focus on weight (I've lost three pounds this past week) and the house (I actually feel like we're getting there). I will have to update on adorable, hysterical, and brilliant Gulliver later. Perhaps Saturday?

I also wanted to mention, though, that I was trying to use my ward online directory the other day. This requires me to sign in to, except that my username and password are saved on my at-work computer. So I tried and tried and for the life of me couldn't remember the right username and password combo. So I walked away from the computer, only to come back and find this:

Bwahahahahaha! Couldn't they have come up with different wording? Here is my alternate version:

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