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Murray and I have worked out a work schedule where I go to our studio MWF and he goes TTh. That way, we both get to have full days with Gulliver and we both get to work. It's really great, and I think it also helps you to make the most of your days as a full-time parent, too.

Today Gulliver and I had a great day. There really wasn't anything out of the ordinary or super special about today, but it was just a really great day. I love spending time with Gulliver. He is such a sweet boy. (He does have a temper, by the way, which my mother pointed out, not that I wasn't aware of it... but his tantrums are very short-lived.) He is very affectionate. He gives kisses and hugs and is basically the best boy in the whole world.

Tonight I let Gulliver stay up a little extra late. (Which might actually mean he gets up earlier in the morning... I hate that.) And then the craziest thing happened. Before I tell you, I'll at least let you know that the going to bed has been consistently good. Most nights he doesn't cry more than two syllables. We warm up a bottle for him, take him upstairs, change him, rock him, give him the bottle, tell him stories, let him hold Grover, and generally get him very very sleepy. And then we can put him in the crib sitting up, and he's usually okay.

Tonight was a new breakthrough. I warmed up his bottle and he clearly understood what was going on, and immediately turned away from the kitchen and headed towards the stairs. (This in stark contrast to a week or so ago when Murray was trying to grab him for bedtime, and he kept running away and hiding behind me, clutching my legs, with his wee nose between my bum cheeks---also clearly aware of exactly what was going on.) Gulliver went up the stairs and I followed. He went to his bedroom. I changed his diaper with no complaint from him, I got him into his pajamas, and then I rocked with him and talked with him. I told him all about our day today and all the fun things we did, and when I said that we went to the studio to see Dada, he repeated Dada several times, and he talked to me about as much as I was talking to him, all in the sweetest baby whisper voice you have ever heard. Ever.

And then I put him in his crib with Grover and his other friends, and there was absolutely NO complaint from Gulliver.

So. That's the breakthrough. Gulliver basically initiated his own bedtime routine instead of trying to run away from it. This is a big deal for me!

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yay! i hope you get many repeat performances.