Utah County Hates Babies

Okay, just kidding. I don't want to start some social media war or anything. But why isn't the film "Babies" available in the most baby-hungry county in the world?

Has anyone seen it yet?

LINK HERE (because you can't embed... why??)


Katie said...

Baby starved? It seems the opposite to me. There's 3-5 bebes at every turn.

annie said...

it only makes everyone hungrier, katie. :)

and this unavailability of the movie is dumb.

Sarah said...

I was super excited to see this documentary when I saw the trailer awhile back and of course, living in LA, they are showing it here. Now, I've changed my mind and think I will wait to see it on DVD. Dan read Roger Ebert's review of it and said there's no narration in the film. You literally sit there and watch 4 different babies without anything else or barely seeing the parents involved on the screen. I was kind of expecting something different than that. Plus, Ebert said if you had kids it might make you feel like you're baby-sitting for 2 hours. So, if you do end up seeing it, I will be curious what you think. If I change my mind, I'll let you know.