Wrong search terms

As I was trying to google "what to feed baby with diarrhea" I was filled with joy as I could hear and watch my precious baby boy playing independently with his toys. What a cutie!

What I should have been googling was "how stupid do you have to be to let your diarrhea baby play around on the floor wearing only a onesie."

For those who Google these words in the future and find this post, the answer is "Very."


FoxyJ said...

Whoops! After a two-year-old who attempted to change her own diaper I found out about "pet stain remover" for carpets--it's perfect for stuff like this. It gets out any sort of body fluid from carpets. I kind of wish they made 'kid stain remover' but someone out there in marketing has apparently never figured out that kids are even worse than dogs when it comes to pooping on carpet.

Sarah said...

Well, if you didn't find your answer on google - the BRAT diet is what they should be eating: bananas, rice, applesauce, toast. (easy on the stomach... bananas are constipating).
Good luck with a sick boy.

The Holyoaks said...

Ew. Yes, the BRAT diet is a good one. Pedialyte is good too because they tend to lose a lot of fluid with the poops. My kids, however, are always constipated so if you ever need to know what to do as far as that goes, shout me a holla!

MTDA said...

It looks like fate wants us to get a hardwood floor. At least a dark bamboo floor.

Kristeee said...

BRAT, pedialyte, and anything starchy that will bulk up the stool - mashed potatoes, pasta, oatmeal, etc. Jello's good to get liquids in, too. Just avoid milk and juice.

One thing to definitely do, though, is to get some acidophilus in him - at the Sunflower Market they have an "infant and toddler probiotic" mix that's really good.