Oh! The Cuddles!

After our big art weekend last week, I promised myself (and Murray) that we'd take Monday and Tuesday off. It was going to be wonderful. We were going to go see Harry Potter at the dollar movie for a matinee. We were going to lounge around in our pjs doing nothing. And I wasn't going to touch a computer or my cell phone.

Things didn't exactly turn out that way. Gulliver got sick (for the first time in his baby life) by the end of the Art Weekend. We got home, and found a black widow hanging out right outside Gulliver's room. Murray's friend called him up and invited him on a spur-of-the-moment trip to San Diego. We found out that our backyard has a mouse problem. I had a crown put on my bad tooth. So things haven't all be pajamas and parties. But good things have come out of it, I'm sure!

1) Gulliver being sick means that he is more cuddly than normal. Monday we couldn't put him down at all and he slept most of the day in our arms. (That at least helped with the "slowing down" aspect of taking a couple days off.) He seems to be doing a lot better, but even still, this morning he woke up at 7:30. I got up with him, played a little, and changed his diaper, but when I put him down to play, he just cried and reached up for me. So I picked him up and he snuggled right into my neck and hummed himself back to sleep, less than 30 minutes after waking up. I put him back down to sleep in our bed, so now I'll be hanging out here with him and the laptop till he wakes up.

2) Murray, like the very brave soul that he is, killed the black widow. Then we were able to get the pest control guy to come out the very next day. And that is when he pointed out our mouse problem, and set the needed traps to take care of it. So we should have no mice and no more deadly spiders in our home!

3) Murray is long overdue for a fun boy's trip (or man's trip) so it's fun to see him get to do something like this. And since it's his friend's business trip, pretty much everything is paid for.

4) I will blog about my tooth separately.

5) Things may not be all pajamas and parties, but Jenny came over last night and we were both kindof in pajamas, and I made her do some work with me. Because that's the kind of friend that I am.


Jenny said...

That was real nice of you to say I worked instead of 'Jenny screwed up my work'. You really are a True Friend.

Emily said...

If you want a great way to get rid of mice, I have a fun suggestion from Jeff's neighbor. (It sort of fascinates me, the same way that people look as they pass car accidents.)

What you do is, get a five gallon bucket and put some water in the bottom. Take two sticks and prop them up so that they meet, or slightly cross, or something, above the bucket. Attach a string where the sticks meet so that it dangles above the water. Put some peanut butter on the end of the string.

What happens is, mice LOVE peanut butter. So they climb up the stick, and down the string to get to the peanut butter. EXCEPT, they can't hang onto the string well enough, or can't climb back up it, or something (I forget), so they fall in the water. And of COURSE they can't get out, once they're in the bucket, so they drown.

Gross, eh?!

The neighbor said sometimes he's gone away for vacation, and they come back to a pile of mice so high that other mice have used it to get out. DISGUSTING!

But when you have livestock, you have rodents. You just DO. Because of all the grain, etc. So the neighbor was recommending that to us. He said it's very effective (and it's nice because it's a way to get rid of them without having poison all over.) But I don't know that that would be a good plan for inside. Maybe it's just a good idea for in barns.

Cicada said...

Funny you mention that, Emily! We had a cottage up in Canada and that was our preferred method of mouse-catching there! Why use single-mouse traps when you can just get the big bucket! In our family, we used a metal hanger to go across the bucket, and strung a pop can on the hanger and put peanut butter on the pop can. So that way, the mice could get out to the pop can, but the moment they got on the pop can, it would twist and dump them into the water. Effective!