Magic Mouse: A Review

Glad to see all the interest in my Magic Mouse! Let me tell you what I think, even though I risk severe marital problems by publicly saying that anything Apple creates is less than perfect. My thought process is like this:

If it works correctly, the Mighty Mouse is capable of the following:
1. Scrolling up, down, sideways, and 360 degrees.
2. Middle clicking, which you can assign a function to. My middle click function was to reveal my desktop.
3. Sqeeze clicking (genius!!), which you can assign a function to. My squeeze click was to show all open applications. Loved it and relied on it!

The new "improved" magic mouse is capable of the following:
1. Scrolling up, down, sideways, and 360 degrees, with enhanced scrolling capabilities like momentum scrolling. And no breakable scroll wheel.
2. ?
3. ?

Where did my other buttons go?

So to me, the mouse is currently slightly disappointing. I say slightly because I do love the design and I love the scrolling features. I say slightly because I have the hope that through a software update, my beloved features can be restored.

Some people who I am married yo might point out that I can use the keyboard or hot corners to use my beloved features. But these are the same insane people who don't see the need for a right click. A right click!!

I might also point out using the same logic that you don't need a mouse to scroll either. You can use the scroll bars on the windows or the up and down cursor keys. So what if Apple introduced a new, beautifully designed mouse that was capable of only one click. No scrolling. But it uses touch technology! Wouldn't that be wonderful?

So. To boil it down again. I really do love this mouse. And I would rather be able to reliably scroll than to reveal my desktop or see all windows. But I wish I could have it all, like I should have had if the Mighty Mouse had been able to do its job for more than a year.

Will you still love me Murray?

-- Posted from my iPhone, with apologies for any typos.


MTDA said...

Give me some time to think this over.

Jonathon said...

I think perhaps my biggest problem with Apple is that they make things that are beautifully designed but ergonomically challenged.

erin said...

I'm trying to decide if I want one because I just know someday my scroll knob is going to die. Our prior designer used one with a deal scroll button and I don't know how she lived.