Work Avoidance Tactics

This morning I told little Gulliver that he was going to help me fold laundry. After all, it's almost all his and he should start pulling his own weight around here. So I put him in his bassinet while I went downstairs to grab the laundry and when I came back, this is what I found.

Ha. He thinks he can just nap through chore time! Not to be outdone, instead of folding laundry I went and took a shower. But Gulliver decided to wake up and cry. So I got him up and on the bed with me, ready to fold laundry.

But then he pooped his pants (or lack of pants). So I changed his diaper and found him his outfit for the day in the pile of clothes. And then he wanted to be fed. So I fed him. And then, we were ready to fold laundry together. And within seconds of me getting to work, this is what my #1 helper was doing:

So I folded all by my lonesome. Here is our finished work:

So I came into the office to blog about the experience, and within seconds of me leaving the room, he woke up and started to cry. This boy just likes to avoid work.

And here are some more photos!

Some more expressions. I finally got one with his tongue out. Of course, before I got out the camera, he was nothing but smiles. As soon as he laid eyes on the iPhone, he stopped performing.

This is the dress rehearsal for his baby blessing. I wanted to make sure that everything fit. His Mary Moo bought him the hat and sweater and matching booties. He's also practicing his cry for the main event.

I was enjoying some ice cream while cuddling Gulliver last night, and this was the result. What did I do about it, you ask? Well, at least Gulliver can never claim, like Joshua Giraffe, "My mommy doesn't lick me, even when I'm sticky."


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

Boy, Gulliver sure wears a lot of socks by the look of it. He sure is lucky to have a mom that folds them for him.

Cicada said...

And his piles and piles of socks are bigger than his pants! Why, oh why is Gulliver wearing such large socks?

AzĂșcar said...

He looks like you! What a cute baby, he's filling out so nicely. Should be ready to consume by Thanksgiving.

jeri said...

Man you are lucky. Lisa never slept anywhere. Bart was not too much better. I just didn't have sleepy kids.

He is just so darling and precious.

Jordan said...

Gulliver is so cute I just want to kiss his squishy little cheeks. Thankfully, I take out my kissing on my own piece of chubby baby. Once again, I'm loving the design on the business cards. They should be here in a week.

Kristeee said...

He's a cutie! I think babies know when to poop their pants by how involved you are in something. It's instinctive, I swear.

KT said...

What a little cutie. I think I'm getting the vague "I remember how wonderful and sweet-smelling and cuddly little babies are" longings again. Very vague, not having more kids soon.

I love that you licked his head.. It makes me smile.

Gulliver's in good company, both my kids have gigantic feet.

Amy Marble said...

Those pictures are adorable. Just wait until he really wants to help fold the laundry... My boys usually see the folded piles and think is so much more fun to throw it all on the floor than help me put it away!

Anonymous said...

I love your photos. They are so much fun, and they really show what he is like at this stage.

The Stancliff Family said...

The nerve of that Gulliver! Inspite of being a tad bit lazy, he is a doll. And I'm dying to know his name...can't you secretly give it to me by some sort of code? It just dawned on my that Murray is not the real name of your husband! My last pic in my last post was about our laundry situation too. You are doing MUCH better that we are!