Gulliver's Expressions

Here are some pictures from a photo shoot in bed this morning. Gulliver has lots of expressions. I think that he might be starting to smile socially, but it's hard to tell whether it's social or gas. I wasn't able to get any of his smiles anyway.

Speaking of gas, I have to say that Gulliver farts toots a lot. I don't know if this is typical of babies. He doesn't burp much at all. All of the gas seems to come out the other end, and he sounds like an adult. I can't wait to take him to church!

(Of course, I guess that just means that I can let loose in public and always just blame the baby.)


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

I can attest. Just last night I said:

Was that you or him?

AzĂșcar said...

They do. They fart. It's adorable. Sometimes it takes a little more burping to prevent toots, but they do pass the gas on a consistent basis.

Rachel said...

My little guy was the king of “toots”. At the start of his life he didn't mind it much, but about a month and a half in he was miserable and it was keeping him up at night and me too.
He never burped much either. If it gets beyond cute and enters in the misery I swear by Mylecon drops. Ask your pediatrician if he is old enough for it first. Some will let you give it to them as young as a few weeks. The generic is just as good and half the price.
Hope they remain a funny thing.
Little Gulliver is beautiful!
You are doing a fabulous job being a Momma! You are lucky Murray is so wonderful as well!

daltongirl said...

The photos are adorable!

And I admire your brilliance (as usual) in establishing to the Internets that it is the baby who's making the adult tooting sounds. Now no one will dare question you when you let go.

You deserve to pin stuff on him sometimes. After all, you're giving up your whole life for him for the next 18-50 years.

Lola said...

Oh. I see how it is. Mother.

Gulliver is SO cute! I need to visit some time and swoon over him.

Sarah said...

very cute baby!
Incase you thought it was cool too - we have the same swing.

KJ said...

smiles. I promise you. smiles. sure, babies have gas, but why would that make them smile? they come out knowing how to frown and cry, why not smile? I firmly believe all newborns are capable of smiling. they know too much NOT to smile.

Red said...

Hope it's okay - I took my laptop down to Grandpa tonight to show him pictures of Gulliver. He said "there's nothing cuter than a baby," with a big grin on his face, and that Gulliver sure does look like Cicada's side - sorry Murray! ;) Anyway, got the Grandpa stamp of approval! :D