So delinquent!

I apologize for the lack of posts. Life has been pretty busy! And for the past three workdays straight, I feel like I've been doing nothing but emailing. Not the friendly chatty emailing but the productive work emailing. And then I get sad because I don't receive money per email I send or anything. Maybe I should raise my rates...

(By the way, I'm emailing so much because I'm accepting enrollments for the Photoshop and Illustrator classes. Remember those? If you're interested, you know where to find them...)

But here's a summary of events from our recent happenings:

* Had family vacation with my parents and Ricky in town. Will post about some of those activities if I ever get photos from my mother and video from my brother.

* Learned that Murray is a true mountain man. Will report on all the details (including the scratch on his bum that ripped through his underwear and drew blood) when I get pictures from my mom. (Pictures will not include bum scratch, which is for my eyes only.)

* Clicky has potentially died for good, but maybe not, but because of the near-life threat, we've been car shopping. And guess what I've found out I prefer to car shopping. I prefer having ONE car and not even having to deal with buying a new one. So maybe I'll start advocating being a one-car family! Or maybe we'll just get Clicky into the shop and find out that she's doing just fine. She's just a little smoky.

* Murray and I attended the Monet to Picasso art exhibit at the U and almost got kicked out because Murray slyly tried to take a photo with his iPhone. The security guard got on his case immediately (I swear we looked for signs, and it's not like it's flash photography, and all the paintings are public domain, so what's the big deal?). I heard the security guard call in to all the other guards telling them about Murray. Then as we continued our way through the exhibit, I saw the guard approach every guard in every new room we entered, telling them about us. I know because they were all staring at us, and I heard him say, "...taking pictures with his phone..." and I saw him mime the action of taking a sly picture with an iPhone. Anyway, besides that little bit of humiliating unpleasantness, I maintain that Murray is the best person to go to an art show with. His knowledge about all the artists and all the pieces really blows me away. (If you remember, he scored major points during our second date at the BYU art museum where he acted as my own personal tour guide.)

* Murray and I gathered all the artwork in our home to finally decide what is going to go where. And while all the frames and artwork were out, I was carrying a frame and dropped it on my big toenail. The toenail got all black, and it was pretty much the most horrible pain ever. Then Murray learned that to relieve the pain, we needed to poke through the nail with a red hot needle to relieve the pressure. So Murray and I together performed an at-home surgery. And it sucked. But my toe is feeling much better now, thank you.

That's a good enough update for now! We'll see what I can do about the mountain man post. Mom? Pictures?


Mike Loveland said...

why oh why did I not think to take a picture of your toe, pre-red hot needle insertion.....oh well.

I suppose I am just glad you are still happy and healthy after the whole ordeal

Mike Loveland said...

Never mind, you posted one after my comment.

Posterity has benefited from you remembering to take a picture of your injury.

Emily said...

I definitely took pictures on my iphone this Saturday when I saw the Monet to Picasso exhibit. I wasn't taking them on the sly at all until partway through I heard someone get scolded by security for taking camera-phone pictures. But I wasn't positive that's what they were in trouble for. So I kept taking pictures. But less obviously. I think I took like 9 or 10. Just pictures of my favorite stuff.

Also, I heard partway through that pens were not allowed, because if ink somehow got on a painting it would ruin it really badly. I left my pen and moleskine in my pocket.

cornnut32 said...

wasn't that exhibit amazing? i wish i'd slyly taken pictures without getting caught... :)

instead i sat in front of the van goghs and cried, cause i'm a boob like that.

you should post that picture murray got away with. :D

bawb said...

Haven't you heard? Photographers are terrorists.