I was telling Murray the other day that April, May, June, July, and August all fit together to me. But the jump from August to September is always really sudden. I know that it's because of seasons, but still. September is a really, really big leap for me to make every year. (Also, it can't help that because of my Northern Ontario upbringing, September to me is a really cold month.) But the great thing is actually that fall is my favorite season (it seems to last about 4 days each year here in Utah, but those are a GREAT four days). And fall is my favorite season for fashion, too.

This year fashion will be a little bit different because I'm dressing for two. I've fully embraced my right to wear pajamas (gaucho pants) in public most of the time, and I'm really enjoying these loose fitting clothing items that I have acquired. My most recent acquisition is a fall item that will work great for maternity, but will also be equally as useful (maybe MORE useful) after the baby comes. It's a poncho.

For some reason, I started noticing ponchos recently and being sad about the fact that I didn't jump on the poncho band wagon a few years ago when they were really popular. So when I saw a poncho in the store the other day, and it was a super trendy cool store, I was assured that they must be back, and that now is my chance to finally have one. And in my mind, it looks even more adorable with my expanding baby belly (it's expanding in my mind faster than it's physically expanding, but in case you're wondering, my uterus is right on track). And AFTER the baby comes, is there any better clothing accessory for breast feeding than the poncho? I don't think so. Perhaps I'll make myself a poncho collection with a new color for every day of the week.

Even better still? I hear it's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho.


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

It's impossible for you to not look cute.

Sarah said...

That video just put a smile on my face. Thank you for making my day a little bit better. My kids have been whining a lot and that was just what I needed! Ponchos for the whole family!

Sarah said...

maybe I should partake of the trend when my belly grows more