I wouldn't be marrying Murray...

...if contact from random blog stalkers creeped me out.

Yesterday Murray and I went to Zupas. If you've never been there, I highly recommend it. It's great except that the booth-to-table ratio favors tables too heavily. After Murray and I payed for our food, we were filling up our drinks and I noticed a bus boy cleaning a booth. And I decided that I needed to grab the booth immediately, despite the fact that Murray had already brought our food to a table. So I walked towards the booth as quickly as possible, not even taking the time to catch Murray's attention, and trying not to spill my drink (I didn't put a lid on it because I didn't want to waste that time in nabbing the booth).

As I approached the booth, I caught another patron approaching the booth out of my peripheral vision. She had just walked into the restaurant, so I thought she might be one of those horrid, horrid people who save tables before they've even ordered their food. I quickened my pace and slid into the booth moments before she arrived, trying not to make eye contact.

She came closer. That was unexpected. She said, "I hope this doesn't sound creepy, but..."

My mind jumped to two conclusions:

1) "...I was wondering if I could have this booth even though you got here first and I don't even have my food yet." In that case, it would not be "creepy." Just rude and awkward.

2) "...I was wondering if I could share your booth with you." Here I thought she'd talk about some sort of physical condition that would require her to sit at a booth rather than a table. And yes, asking a stranger to share a booth with them would be creepy.

But neither of my conclusions were correct:

"...I think I read your blog. Singing Cicada?"

This was a huge relief. First of all, she was no longer a booth contender. Second of all, I had an anonymous fan!

We chatted for a bit and she explained that she and her husband live in California but she knows about my blog because of a mutual friend, Kit. In fact, she even said that before coming out to Utah, she got caught up on my blog to see what I was up to. How random for her, then, that she'd run into me while she was here. She must feel so, so very lucky for having met me... but come to think of it, she didn't ask me for my autograph at all, which I find more than a little insulting.

Anyway. Murray finally came over with our tray of food and she congratulated us on our upcoming marriage, and I let her know that I can't possibly be creeped out by an anonymous blog reader because I'm marrying one. (Except the other night, I did actually have a nightmare about a murderous blog stalker...)

So here's my shout out to Random Blog Stalker. After a little further thought I've concluded that you must have forgotten to ask me for my autograph because you were so flustered. Here it is in printable format.


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

I am glad I was pre-warned about the title of this blog post...if I hadn't been warned and based on seeing "I wouldn't be marrying Murray.." I might have ralphed right here in my office.

I am proud to be still marrying a celebrity.....come to think of it....I don't have your autograph either.....hmmm

Nemesis said...

Haha hahah. You are so lucky! I've never had anyone come up to me like that. I console myself that it's because they're shy.

Maggie said...

So, your blog made me sort of embarrassed because I too am a random blog stalker of yours. I went to high school with Lisa Davis and saw your blog on her blog list. I have no idea if you know Lisa or her husband Jeff or if maybe they are blog-stalking you too. Anyway, I really enjoy your writing! If I am in Utah and see you I'll definitely grab your autograph! ;)

Cicada said...

Murray, I'll autograph your chest with a permanent marker later today.

Nem, you get more hits than I do. Console yourself with that. And you're always my top referrer.

Maggie, I love random blog stalkers! You have my permission to print out that picture for yourself, too, since it is already addressed to Random Blog Stalker. Lisa Davis and I worked together for a while. If you ever bump into me anywhere in the world, don't hesitate to introduce yourself!

AzĂșcar said...

I had it happen to me at my parent's ward picnic!

"You look like this girl from the Internet."

Me, to myself, I hope she's not talking about porn.

"You look like The Jet Set."

And indeed I am.

natali said...

no there is another problem with zupas. say you only want to get soup because hey you are a soup person. you have to wait until the customers ahead of you get their sandwiches and salad before you can order your super quick soup. who organized that? not soup people.

Braun Family said...

ahhh! too much laughing! you know me, but i secretly wish I was stalking you. maybe i will but won't tell you next time.

Jordy said...

A couple of weekends ago, Bedelia and I were at the Fashion Place mall in Sandy and we wondered whether or not we would see Cicada... Sandy's a lot closer to SLC than Provo. We're stalkers, too. Love the blog.

The Holyoaks said...

you are so funny. I love it. my mom stalks you, too, for a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if our encounter would warrant a post, and... YES... there it is. Awesome! Is it awful to admit that I was, in fact, going to be a horrid booth reserver? My enjoyment in a meal is severely hampered if I am relegated to a table with the comfort level of an overcrowded airplane seat. Luckily another booth opened up.

If it's any consolation, living in California with a husband in the entertainment industry has jaded me enough that I don't ask for autographs anymore. I have also not asked for the autographs of Pierce Brosnan, Sandra Bullock, Kevin Smith, and Drew Barrymore so you're in good company. Okay, I did cave that one time and had Daniel Handler (aka 'Lemony Snicket') sign one of my "Series of Unfortunate Events" books, but that was really more of an author book signing, so should really be in a totally different category.

It really was fun to run into you and I promise to post your autograph with pride on my fridge.

As a little added bonus, our adoption of the four kids went through and we are taking them home with us tomorrow - so our encounter will always be part of a favorite memory.

Oh, and nice meeting you too Murray. :)

-Your Random Blog Stalker, Kristy

spart said...

I wish I lived close enough to be a random blog stalker.

Not that it would really work out for me to be all that random, considering I've known you almost my entire life.

Cicada said...

Kristy (RBS),

Sorry to have beaten you to the booth, but I'm glad that you were able to get one in the end.

Congrats on adopting a family! Last night, you and your family were in my dream, and I dreamt that you had your own blog, so I could keep up with the goings on in your life. I think it's a sign. Start a blog. What better way to document this great adventure!

Hannah said...

I too stock your blog. (You came highly recommended by Jenny...)

Lizzie said...

I've stalked your blog for twoish years now, and i really have no idea of the pedigree of our connection...my sister, who doesn't know you either, pulled your blog up one day on my computer and said, "You have to read this. It's so, so funny." So i did. And she was right.

Rachael Bishop said...

Well I guess you can add me to the list of blog stalkers. I also stalk your blog. I noticed that you must look at mine too, since you commented on my Sister Beck post. I will admit I was happy to know it just wasn't a one way street and I wasn't THAT crazy. So we both have Jill in common, so you know what I had to go through in the MTC. Just teasing, I absolutly love that girl. I am jealous that you got to serve with her. Love the centerpieces by the way. So pretty.